Men’s Detox Center

Men’s Detox Center

Taking the first step towards addiction recovery can be daunting. The number of options available for treatments and facilities can be overwhelming for those looking to begin their recovery journey. For many, a medical detox center is a crucial first step. Detox often acts as the first stepping stone in a more extensive treatment plan. To make treatment even more effective, some individuals might consider heading to a men’s detox center in Florida and reaping the benefits of gender-responsive addiction treatment.

Today, the US government estimates that about 164.8 million people in the United States use drugs or alcohol. Many of these individuals will develop an addiction. Fortunately, our men’s detox center can help. Contact Lakeview Health today at 866.704.7692 for more information.

Do I Need a Detox Center?

A common misconception about addiction is that individuals can end their use on their own, cold turkey. However, this misconception is not only wrong, but it can also be dangerous. When someone stops using certain substances, like alcohol, it can lead to uncomfortable and sometimes severe withdrawal symptoms. A men’s detox center allows clients to detox under the supervision and care of medical professionals. Monitoring individuals through a professional facility can enable the client to stay safe and comfortable during withdrawal. Once these symptoms end, it’s easier for the individual to focus on the rest of their treatment plan without experiencing cravings or these uncomfortable symptoms.

Some substances that we provide detox for include the following:

  • Alcohol detox center
  • Heroin detox center
  • Opioid detox center
  • Benzo detox center
  • Prescription drug detox center

We’re proud to provide a men’s detox center for patients with an addiction to any of these substances. 

What Withdrawal Symptoms Can Occur?

Ending the use of these substances often leads to the individual experiencing a range of withdrawal symptoms. These can include:

Confusion and disorientation
Depression and anxiety
Panic attacks
Joint pain
Muscle aches
Nausea and vomiting

Another alcohol withdrawal symptom is delirium tremens, which can also be dangerous. Medical professionals at a men’s detox center will know what to look for and how to treat you should these symptoms occur.

Importance of a Men’s Rehab Program

While both men and women require detox and addiction treatment, the two genders tend to experience addiction differently and often need different healing modalities. Men tend to come to our treatment center with diverse backgrounds and different experiences than women. Their reasons for abusing substances are also often different than those of women. Gender-specific treatment in a men’s detox center allows treatment to focus on the specific needs of men to help them recover.

A men’s rehab center allows men to do the following:

  • Build trust and bonds between peers
  • Focus on treatment rather than competition between peers
  • Express emotions in a safe and welcoming environment
  • No longer deflect when asked questions

Patients need to feel comfortable in treatment to see success, making a men’s detox center an ideal starting point for many looking to achieve long-lasting recovery.

Gender-specific treatment also reduces the distraction of relationships. During treatment, individuals need to focus on healing and better themselves. When romantic relationships arise, this can stunt treatment instead of helping it progress.



Full Continuum of Addiction Treatment Care with Lakeview Health

After detox, clients are able to then turn their focus and attention to the rest of their treatment. From a residential program to participating in an aftercare program, Lakeview Health is proud to provide a full continuum of care for those in need. We understand that a men’s detox center in Florida is only the beginning of the journey for our clients.

Our addiction treatment programs include the following:

  • Residential addiction treatment program: When someone first leaves our detox program, they often need additional support for the first days of recovery. Our residential treatment program provides support for those who are in the initial days of recovery.
  • Partial hospitalization addiction treatment program: This treatment option is the step down from residential addiction treatment. Patients in this program attend structured treatment during the day and may return home at night.
  • Intensive outpatient addiction treatment program: Once a patient has completed a partial hospitalization program, they may be ready to spend more time at home, but they may be reluctant to do so without support. An intensive outpatient program allows people to attend treatment a few days a week, giving them support as they work on the road to sobriety.
  • Aftercare program: Addiction recovery is a life-long process, which rarely ends after the addiction treatment program. As a result, an aftercare program is often helpful in providing long-term support for those who are trying to stay sober.

Lakeview Health is proud to provide a full continuum of care for those who want to recover from addiction. We support our patients from the time they enter our men’s detox program to their journey through aftercare. 

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Our Men’s Detox Program

In many cases, mental health conditions accompany addiction. Some people began using drugs or alcohol because of a mental health disorder in an effort to self-medicate. Other people begin using drugs or alcohol and develop a mental health condition because of the side effects of the substances. It isn’t always easy to tell which condition caused the other. Unfortunately, many people find that the symptoms of mental health conditions they were self-medicating with drugs or alcohol return uninhibited during the detox process. This return of the symptoms can quickly lead the individual to relapse without proper support. 

Attending a men’s detox program that includes a dual diagnosis program can help many people avoid relapse. Dual diagnosis treatment addresses both the addiction and the mental health condition concurrently, which can help to ensure the individual’s long-term recovery. Lakeview Health offers a wide array of dual diagnosis treatment options, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

We have team members who are experienced in helping men of all ages overcome their mental health disorders and addiction. To learn more about how this treatment supports those in our detox program, please contact Lakeview Health today at 866.704.7692.

What Therapeutic Options Are Available?

One of the most notable tools that we use in our addiction treatment and men’s detox programs is a range of evidence-based and holistic therapies. Therapy serves a number of purposes in treatment. For example, therapy allows the patient to understand what caused their addiction. For some people, it may be their mental health condition, but for others, it may be a traumatic experience in the past or overwhelming stress. Once a patient understands the causes of their addiction, they can begin to develop tools and techniques to cope with them more healthily. Furthermore, they can recognize potential triggers and temptations that can lead to relapse and create strategies to avoid this from occurring. 

Along with our programs, we also provide a range of addiction therapy services. These can include:

Family therapy program
Individual therapy program
Group therapy program
Holistic therapy program
Cognitive-behavioral therapy program
Dialectical behavior therapy program

By utilizing our programs and therapies together, individuals are able to participate in a comprehensive treatment plan that provides them with the tools they need to succeed. The Star is our men’s facility which provides continued gender-specific care once detox is complete.

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