Prescription Drug Detox And Withdrawal Information
If used incorrectly, prescription drugs can be just as dangerous as illegal ones

There is a crisis in America that affects us all. And the epidemic is being made worse by the fact that the substances in question are perfectly legal. Of course, we’re talking about the misuse of prescription drugs that is rampant throughout the U.S. This crisis affects us all. And it is one of the primary reasons so many individuals are seeking help at a prescription drug detox center.

Even though doctors prescribe them, prescription drugs are just as dangerous as illegal ones if used incorrectly. Healthcare professionals prescribe these kinds of medicines to help with a variety of conditions. However, problems arise when patients misuse the drug. And what follows is, sadly, an addiction that they must treat in a prescription drug detox center.

Prescription drug detox is a different classification than treatment. At a prescription drug detox center, we help our patients remove the drug from their bodies as safely and comfortably as possible. However, at a prescription drug treatment center, we help them learn to manage life without the substance. Both services are available at Lakeview Health, as we believe both are necessary to the recovery process.

What addictions can we address at our prescription drug detox center?

According to the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are many prescription drugs that patients commonly abuse. Detox programs at Lakeview Health include:

Opioid detox program

Doctors prescribe opioids to treat pain. Examples of often-abused opioids include Fentanyl, morphine, and oxycodone.

Benzo detox program

Patients use benzodiazepines to treat sleep disorders and anxiety. These drugs have a potential for addiction as well as potentially life-threatening withdrawal effects.

Stimulant detox program

Doctors prescribe stimulants for a variety of conditions, including ADHD, narcolepsy, and obesity. Commonly abused stimulants include amphetamines and drugs like Concerta and Ritalin

Barbiturate detox program

Doctors may provide a prescription for barbiturates, which induce sleep and decrease anxiety. However, just like benzos, they are incredibly addictive, and, without treatment, they can take over a person’s life.

Why is it important to seek professional detox services?

Withdrawal occurs because many substances change the way the brain functions. For instance, barbiturates, opioids, and stimulants can interfere with the production of chemicals within the brain, such as GABA and dopamine. As time goes on, the brain forgets how to produce these chemicals on its own. When someone stops taking the medication, the brain must learn how to produce the chemicals again. This relearning period is known as withdrawal, which is when the body adapts to being without prescription drugs. Unfortunately, withdrawal can be extremely painful if the person doesn’t have support.

When a person decides to stop using any drug, whether prescription or illicit, it’s important to do so under medical supervision. During our detox program, we can make sure that you get through the process safely. Detox is often a necessary first step on the path to recovery. “Detox” refers to the process by which the substance is completely removed from the patient’s system. This process invariably involves withdrawal, and with that comes a range of physical symptoms.

Depending on the substance the person is addicted to, they may suffer from a range of withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms include:

If you have any questions about what to expect during detox, reach out to a professional, such as Lakeview Health.
What to expect in a prescription drug detox denter

At Lakeview Health’s prescription drug detox center, we often recommend medically assisted detox. This involves using medications to minimize withdrawal issues and ensure the patient’s safety. You can be confident that in the prescription drug detox center, your detox will be overseen by medical professionals. And you will be monitored around the clock to make sure that you are comfortable and safe.

Getting the substances out of your system is, of course, only a first step. Recovery is, after all, more complicated than just removing toxins from the body. Recovery in the long term will involve both addiction therapy programs as well as programs designed to help you reintegrate into your new, healthier life. Programs like these help with the psychological and emotional parts of recovery after you have conquered your physical dependency. But a prescription drug detox center is an excellent place to start.

Seeking dual diagnosis treatment as part of recovery

Some people use substances to manage underlying mental health conditions. In some cases, their doctor may have prescribed the medication to help them control their symptoms. In other cases, long-term substance use can lead to mental health conditions. No matter what condition occurred first, it may be necessary to enter a dual diagnosis treatment program. This program can help you understand your condition and give you the tools to manage it outside of the treatment center. We offer a variety of dual diagnosis treatment programs, including:

Anxiety treatment plan
Bipolar disorder treatment
PTSD treatment
Depression treatment
Social phobia treatment
What happens after you finish treatment at our prescription drug detox center?

Prescription drug addiction is hard to control without the help of a prescription drug detox center. This is why you must reach out to an addiction specialist like the ones at Lakeview Health.

In addition to our prescription drug detox program, we are also proud to offer a complete continuum of care for our clients. As a result, we’re pleased to provide a range of treatment options for all of our client’s needs. Our treatment programs include:

Residential treatment
Partial hospitalization program
Intensive outpatient program
Aftercare services
Gender-specific treatment options

These treatments are key to long-term recovery, allowing patients to stay sober for an extended period of time after treatment. Lakeview Health offers a step-down approach, as well as adaptive levels of care, starting with our prescription drug detox program. Our services can set you up for long-term recovery and give you a firm foundation for the future.

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At Lakeview Health, we have a unique treatment program that offers our residents the tools they need to get and stay sober. For instance, during our treatment programs, we combine holistic and evidence-based treatment options, which we can tailor to the unique needs of our patients. We recognize that our individual approach to treatment gives our patients the tools they need to manage their unique challenges after treatment. Our therapeutic modalities include:

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