Painkiller Addiction Treatment Center

Painkiller Addiction Treatment Center

woman holds her head in her hands because she needs a painkiller addiction treatment centerIt’s possible to learn how to cope with any type of addiction, but it often takes time and help from others. While loved ones and friends can provide you with some support, you should always consider seeking professional help at a substance abuse treatment center. Addictive substances actually alter how the brain and body function, which can lead to lasting, uncomfortable changes. At a drug addiction treatment center, you’re far more likely to learn proper coping skills and other tools that you need in order to cope with life away from painkiller addiction.

How Painkiller Addiction Affects Your Body And Mind

Painkillers are opiate-based medications that help patients feel comfortable when they’ve been experiencing intense pain. The medications attach to opiate receptors around the body, which keeps patients from feeling any painful sensations. In some cases, patients can feel a state of euphoria when taking painkillers. This is because they also impact other areas of the brain and body.

Using a painkiller once, or even for a couple of days, doesn’t lead to addiction. Continued misuse of painkillers can lead to chemical changes in the brain, though. Once the body gets used to a constant intake, chemicals in the brain will adapt and be produced less to compensate for the drug-induced increase. Once that change occurs, people can feel physically dependent on the drugs. Opiate addiction can cause them to make harmful and dangerous choices in order to keep using.

How An Addiction Treatment Center Can Help You Learn How To Cope With Painkiller Addiction

Learning to cope with any type of prescription drug addiction can be a very long process. People often need to learn new skills that they’ve never needed before.  They also vent their system of toxic substances, thoughts, and emotions. The right addiction treatment center will provide you with the programs and the safe environment you need in order to learn how to cope with painkiller addiction.

Treatment centers will offer a variety of different programs. These include behavioral therapy, pharmacotherapy, and holistic treatment, all of which can help patients learn different ways to cope. Behavioral therapies and pharmacotherapies are the most commonly used. They’ve been shown to greatly improve a patient’s chances at lasting sobriety.

Patients that enroll in these programs are often able to clear their minds of frustrations. They can vent their problems and learn proper ways to cope with triggers and cravings. Holistic treatment programs, like art therapy and music therapy, can provide patients with other coping mechanisms. This is part of a comprehensive approach to treatment.

Patients who want to learn to cope with addiction properly need to go through stages of treatment. Often, men and women will start with a medically monitored detox program, move into inpatient rehabilitation, and progress on to transitional living and other intensive outpatient programs. Those who enter treatment will interact with doctors who are trained to understand addiction. They know when patients are ready for the next stage of treatment. Doctors and therapists can even help patients transition into those next stages.

Learning To Cope With Addiction Starts With Reaching Out To Lakeview Health

Although there are addiction treatment centers all over the United States, Lakeview Health in Jacksonville, Florida provides you with the gender-responsive programs and medical professionals you really need. With a men’s rehab center and a women’s rehab center, you’ll be given the chance to learn different coping mechanisms that can help you achieve lifelong sobriety.

You don’t have to keep struggling with painkiller addiction on your own. Learn how to overcome it! Call Lakeview Health today at 866.704.7692 to speak with someone about the programs and tools we can provide you.