Alcohol Rehab Makes It Possible to Overcome Alcoholism
By: Lakeview Health
Published: December 26, 2020

One of the most enduring myths about alcohol use disorder is the idea that it is nothing more than a weakness of will. Addiction specialists have known for decades that addiction in general — and alcohol addiction in particular — is a disease that changes the chemistry of the brain. And as is the case with most diseases, it requires professional help. In fact, without the help of a quality alcohol rehab program, overcoming alcohol addiction can be more than difficult: it can be dangerous.

Do I Need Alcohol Rehab?

There are many signs that your alcohol consumption or the alcohol consumption of someone you care about has crossed the line from recreational into alcohol use disorder. Some indications that this may be the case are:

  • You find it difficult to control the amount of alcohol you drink; you drink more than others in a social setting and may drink until you lose consciousness. 
  • You have tried to reduce your consumption of alcohol or quit entirely and have failed.
  • You have continued to consume alcohol despite its negative effects on your family, work, school, or social life. 
  • You have lost interest in the activities, hobbies, and people that once gave you joy.
  • You have developed a high tolerance for alcohol; you have had to drink more to achieve the same effect.
  • When you are not drinking, you experience strong cravings for alcohol.

If you or someone close to you can answer “yes” to any of the above, it is worth reaching out for professional help at an addiction treatment center like Lakeview Health.

The Importance of Professional Alcohol Rehabilitation

Until professional help is sought, an alcohol problem will likely continue to worsen and cause the individual suffering from the disease of alcoholism to have a life that is unmanageable while creating chaos for those close to them. Alcohol rehab programs are filled with individuals whose alcohol addiction has led them to divorce, legal problems such as DUI’s, health problems, and lost employment. The vast majority of people who suffer from alcoholism tried on numerous occasions to stop their addiction and get their life back in order. The unfortunate truth is that when it comes to the disease of addiction, self-will, and determination are simply not enough.

As any medical professional will tell you, the key is to undergo alcohol rehab under professional medical supervision. This is partly because clinical teams like the one at Lakeview Health can be present to monitor a patient’s health as they go through withdrawal and begin the recovery process. The dangers associated with alcohol rehab in general and with detoxification and withdrawal, in particular, are significant, particularly when an individual is also struggling with co-occurring mental disorders like depression, anxiety, or PTSD. There are also physical dangers that can be particularly acute when liver damage and other health concerns are present. Medically supervised alcohol rehab is also less likely to result in relapse; our medical team can ease the pain of withdrawal symptoms and provide the support and accountability that patients need to successfully achieve their recovery goals.

Even if you or someone you care about has had numerous failed attempts to stop drinking, there is still hope. Sobriety is possible with the help of the right alcohol rehabilitation program. However, the key to achieving long-term sobriety involves finding an alcohol rehab program that best suits your individual needs. Without proper help, this can be a very strenuous, daunting task, but help is available. A reputable alcohol rehab program like the one at Lakeview Health can help individuals battling addiction lead a happy, productive life free of chemical dependency.

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