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When you’re ready to work past your addiction and begin living a healthy life in recovery, Lakeview Health will be there to support you through every step of the recovery process. Our team has years of education, training, and experience to provide compassionate care to those in need. We offer a variety of addiction treatment programs through residential treatment and in an outpatient setting that helps our clients achieve their short and long-term goals when it comes to recovery.

With our personalized treatment programs for alcohol use disorder (AUD), you can get the best possible care. Please contact Lakeview Health for more information about our alcohol addiction treatment programs.

Rehab costs for alcohol abuse

Treatment costs for alcoholism will vary based on each person’s clinical needs and their insurance coverage or ability to pay out of pocket. Most health insurance providers work with Lakeview Health and the team does everything they can to  make sure the insurance verification process is simple and stress-free.  

If the patient hasn’t got insurance coverage, the admissions team can work on a payment plan. Providing treatment is the main priority.   

Lakeview Health accepts most major private insurance carriers including:   

Treatment options for alcoholism

Every person who seeks treatment has had different life experiences and will have a unique recovery journey. This means that treatment plans will differ from person to person and will evolve as their recovery journey progresses. Integrative treatment plans, such as those used at Lakeview Health, treat alcohol abuse on both biological and psychosocial levels using an array of treatments. Treatment plans for alcohol abuse may include:

Medically assisted detoxification programs:

One of the most common misconceptions surrounding alcoholism is that individuals can quit drinking on their own. They may feel as though they have complete control over their drinking and that stopping is no issue. However, detoxing from drugs and alcohol on your own can be extremely dangerous and potentially life-threatening, so medical assistance is always advised.

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT):

Medications can help reduce or stop drinking and can be another tool in your toolbox to avoid relapse. Medications can be used alone, but work especially well when combined with behavioral and holistic treatments and a mutual-support group. The three, non-addictive, FDA-approved medications for AUD are naltrexone (oral and long-acting injectable), acamprosate, and disulfiram.

Behavioral treatments:

These treatments involve “talk therapy” or counselling. They can include different approaches (such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical-behavioral therapy and holistic therapies). They focus on introspection, mindfulness-techniques, teaching emotional intelligence and facilitating changes in your life that will assist in your recovery journey. The skills you learn in these therapies will provide you with new, healthy ways to cope with life’s difficulties to combat the unhealthy ones (such as abusing substances).

Mutual-support groups:

Social support is often integral to creating and maintaining a lifestyle free of substance abuse. Communities often have support groups that meet at convenient times and places or online. These groups, like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) add another layer of support to your recovery process.

Understanding detox and withdrawal from alcohol

Understanding and identifying AUD and any possible co-occurring mental disorders is an important first step in the recovery journey. Treatment for AUD starts with detox. The process of detox and withdrawal differs from person to person and it can be very dangerous without medical assistance. Some symptoms are so unpleasant that there is a serious threat of returning to alcohol use to negate them.

Withdrawal symptoms follow a  after a person’s last drink. A person may not experience them all, but they can include:

After 5 hours, lasting up to 48 hours (mild symptoms):

After 12, lasting up to 48 hours or more (moderate symptoms):

After 48 hours-72 hours, lasting up to 7 days or more (severe symptoms):

Therapeutic treatment of AUD

Recovery may start with detox, but it is sustained by transforming harmful coping mechanisms to helpful ones and replacing old, self-destructive habits with new, life-affirming ones. A change in people, places and things is often recommended to maintain sobriety and this is where therapeutic interventions come in. One powerful example of this is individual and group counselling in combination with 12-step meetings giving patients the opportunity to discuss their addiction in a non-judgmental environment. Lakeview Health’s evidence-based addiction therapy programs provide the structure, insight, support, and skill-building to help the patient build a solid foundation for sustained recovery from addiction and related mental health disorders.

Therapeutic treatments for AUD can include:

Benefits of inpatient treatment at a rehabilitation center

One of the most important benefits of going to inpatient rehabilitation facilities to treat alcohol abuse is the wide variety of treatments offered and access to specialists in addiction treatment and recovery. Lakeview Health’s treatment programs are specifically tailored to the needs of each patient. With an integrative approach to treatment, we seek to treat and unite all aspects of a person – biological, psychological and social.

Inpatient facilities allow for this in ways that outpatient programs cannot, because patients can fully immerse themselves in treatment and focus completely on their recovery journey. People, places and things are changed immediately and you always have access to a wide range of addiction specialists. Detox and therapy happen without the potentially jarring move from one facility to the next, as all facilities are on one campus. Schedules are planned out for patients, so that they get the most out of their stay. Certain inpatient facilities, such as Lakeview Health, offer gender-responsive programs, as men and women often have very different reasons for abusing alcohol.

Seeking alcohol abuse treatment with a dual diagnosis

Through dual diagnosis treatment at an alcohol addiction treatment center, such as Lakeview Health, you are able to receive care for both issues at the same time. When you contact the treatment team, we perform a comprehensive evaluation. This evaluation determines whether you are battling an additional mental health condition as well as alcohol use disorder. The intake assessment helps in developing a personalized treatment plan.

Lakeview Health’s dual diagnosis program offers:

The Lakeview Health treatment roadmap:

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Plan

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