Breaking Free from Addiction
By: Lakeview Health
Published: October 15, 2010

Drug addiction and alcohol abuse is a lonely and dark place to be.  It is common for those who struggle with addiction to make numerous attempts to stop their addiction on their own. Unfortunately, these attempts are likely to result in immediate failure and if there is any success it is usually short term. Eventually, an addict will think that they are destined to live a life addicted to drugs and alcohol and give up. This does not have to be true. Many have been able to come out of the dark holes that drug addiction brings them through the help of quality addiction treatment.

Benefits of an Inpatient Rehab Facility

Addiction treatment can and will provide the hope that is needed for someone who is caught in the grips and the downward spiral of drug addiction. One of the toughest components of addiction to deal with is the physiological aspect of it.  Once addicted to drugs, no matter what type, the body will become dependent on it and if it does not have the drug in their system withdrawal symptoms will be experienced. This makes it very difficult for a suffering addict to recover from addiction.

The first step of drug rehab is to go through a medically supervised detoxification.  It is pertinent that an individual first goes through a drug detox as it will enable them to focus all of their energy on the psychological aspect of their disease.

Benefits of Therapy

It is not uncommon for an individual to abuse drugs in order to suppress feelings from a traumatic experience such as child abuse or sexual trauma. Therapist will work with clients in helping them process and digest their past in a safe and supportive environment. In some cases a therapist may recognize that an individual struggles with addiction because of another reason such as depression, an anxiety disorder, or a bipolar disorder.

It is essential to work with a therapist at drug rehab so that these issues can be addressed and treated in an appropriate manner. Group therapy permits clients to talk with about whatever feelings they are going through and emotions they are having in the very early stages of recovery. In active addiction an individual has a life that is filled with chaos and drama and very little structure. Addiction treatment will give each client the guidance and support that is needed.

Battling Addiction After Rehab

While at drug rehab a client will be provided structure through having to follow a daily routine. This plays a vital role in recovery as all people who are able to achieve long-term sobriety do so by implementing structure in their life. It is important for those who struggle with addiction to not give up hope and know that it is never too late to recover from addiction. Through the process of drug rehab clients will learn that is possible to recover from addiction and stay sober one day at a time.