Caffeine Addiction Can Happen To You
By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: May 2, 2012

A biomedical engineer, David Edwards, invented AeroShot.  AeroShot is a lip balm tube that dispenses a shot of 40mg of caffeine. The idea behind the product was to give Americans a super-efficient way to get a daily and/or hourly dose of energy throughout the day. Unfortunately, just how caffeine can help you; it can also hurt you when abused. A great example of this is addicts in recovery. These individuals become addicted to caffeine-laden products such as: Red Bull, coffee and cigarettes to help cope with drug and alcohol withdrawal.  Since it’s so accessible, it’s easy to consume extreme amounts to the point where it literally alters your mood and mental state. Caffeine is a stimulant and your body can develop a tolerance much like it does with other drugs and alcohol. Because of this, it will also produce heightened levels of anxiety, trouble sleeping and mood swings when abused. This will result in unbearable fatigue, poor concentration, and irritability which all get better with time. Addicts in recovery should be aware of the way a caffeine addiction can manifest itself. Addictive thinking will tell you that caffeine is legal and therefore not harmful; however, anything in excess is not good, especially if you become dependent on it.