Getting High with Grandma?
By: Lakeview Health
Published: April 18, 2013

Next time you go to your grandmother’s house and reach for her homemade cookies or brownies, you may get a big surprise. Marijuana use among the baby boomers is more common than you think. This generation grew up in the 60s and 70s, when getting high was nothing out of the ordinary. It’s no wonder that now that they are entering retirement age, they are kicking back and smoking out.

Baby Boomers Sparking It Up

As the baby boomers reach their golden years, many of them are throwing caution to the wind. This generation has completed its obligations of raising families and building careers (and are not constrained by drug-testing at jobs). The baby boomers are at a different stage in life and issues such as retirement and empty nest require less responsibility and energy from them. With all the extra time on their hands, some former hippies are reliving their heyday. Groups like Moms for Marijuana International promote awareness and education of the benefits of cannabis. Smaller groups like Grannies for Grass advocate for medical marijuana. These pro-marijuana groups want to shed a positive light onto marijuana. However, there are dangers that many of these people are not realizing.

Not Your Grandfather’s Weed

Although the older generation is lost in a cloud of nostalgia, there is a real danger. The marijuana from their youth is definitely not the same as today’s. Marijuana potency has increased since boomers first started smoking. Instead of being grown in regular soil, nutrient solutions are being used to cultivate the plants. Synthetic versions of marijuana known as “Spice” or “K2” are dangerous and have caused fatalities because of the ever-changing chemical mixture used to make it. Before the baby boomers spark a doobie, they need to stop and think of the dangers of smoking marijuana. What do you think about the older generation smoking marijuana? Share your thoughts below or on Lakeview Health System’s Facebook page.