Lil’ Wayne Drug Addiction; Sizzurp and Seizures

By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: March 21, 2013

Hip-hop artist Lil’ Wayne was released from the hospital on March 19, after being admitted for seizures. There has been speculation surrounding the circumstances of his seizures and hospital stay. Although people close to Wayne have denied any links to drugs, he has been extremely open in the past about his cough syrup dependence.

About Lil’ Wayne’s Codeine Addiction

Wayne drinks prescription cough syrup of codeine and promethazine mixed with soda or candy. The mixture is known by various names, including purple drank, lean or sizzurp. He has used the mixture for years and has mentioned it in his songs. Promethazine with codeine is usually prescribed to relieve coughs and upper respiratory symptoms associated with the common cold. This cough syrup is a controlled substance and is not meant for acute care. Continued use can make a person dependent and can increase the likelihood of seizures.

When asked about stopping by MTV in 2008, Wayne said “It ain’t that easy — feels like death in your stomach.”   He may be one of many celebrities who surround themselves with people who are not going to challenge self-destructive behavior. We have seen many celebrities, such as Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse and Jimi Hendrix lose their lives in a public demonstration of drug or alcohol addiction. Lil’ Wayne seems like he may be traveling the same path.

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