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May 30, 2012

The city of Miami, Florida usually has some strange events surrounding the holidays but this weekend’s event seems to raise the bar. On Sunday, a naked man was found eating another man’s face off while on the sidewalk off a highway. Surveillance cameras captured the officers arriving at the gruesome scene.
The police reported that a wild man was growling at them like a dog when they approached him. He had pieces of flesh in his mouth and proceeded to go back for another bite. The police shot and killed the attacker, who was identified as Rudy Eugene. The disfigured victim remains in intensive care in critical condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital.
Drugs seem to be the culprit as many are giving their opinion based on the man’s rage and actions.. Some speculate that he was having a bad trip on LSD while others state that he had a psychotic break on cocaine. One news report quotes the emergency room doctor on this case who states that maybe this was the result of bath salt intoxication. Bath salts are the latest synthetic drug which has been the result of many psychotic episodes in our emergency rooms over the past few months. Eugene has a history of marijuana abuse and related legal infractions. His ex-wife reports that he always had a level of paranoia and that he felt people were out to get him.
The combination of mental health issues and substance abuse increases unpredictable behaviors and drug reactions that can be lethal. Not much is known yet about the victim, but if he recovers, he will have to forever endure the pain that remains from the real-life Hannibal experience.

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