How to Strength Train Your Trapezius

Continuing with the muscles of the upper back, the trapezius is the featured muscle of this week’s Muscle Monday! As a whole, the trapezius, or “traps”, begin on the occipital condyles or base of the skull all the way to the last vertebrae of your thoracic spine, and end on different parts of the scapulae. Due to the span of this muscle, the trapezius performs a number of jobs.  The upper fibers allow lateral flexion, extension and rotation of the neck as well as elevation of the scapulae. The middle fibers sit on top of the rhomboids and perform adduction, elevation and upward rotation of the shoulder blades. The lower fibers follow suit by depressing the scapulae and allowing spinal extension. For maximum benefit, the trapezius should be trained in all angles to recruit the most amount of fibers. Additionally, depending on the lifestyle a person leads, the traps are often tight and cause stiff neck and potentially headaches. Proper stretching throughout the day will help to alleviate symptoms. Due to the location of the muscle, allow gravity to initiate the stretch, and do not forcefully pull on your head causing strain on the cervical spine. Follow up with the video posted below for demonstrations and explanations for training these muscles. Muscle Mondays with Shane Piccolo: Trapezius Video You can check out week one, when we shared more information about lats and teres major and week two, which was rhomboids. Follow the Lakeview Health Wellness Center Facebook page for more from the wellness and fitness team.

Mental and Physical Consequences of Marijuana Use [Infographic]

Public opinion on marijuana consumption has become increasingly favorable, as statewide votes declared marijuana use legal in some states. However, public opinion doesn’t necessarily take into account the often overlooked negative effects of marijuana consumption. Marijuana can cause physical and mental consequences that impact users, their future children, and their social relationships.

Marijuana Use Can Decrease Your IQ

The jury is still out on whether adult marijuana consumption causes permanent cognitive damage. For adolescents, however, the evidence is clear. Heavy adolescent marijuana use, while the brain is still actively developing, can reduce IQ up to eight points. Unfortunately, quitting marijuana consumption won’t help users regain those points in the future.

Marijuana Can Increase Cardiac Risks

After consuming marijuana, the heart rate will continue rising for up to three hours. While this may not seem like a significant side effect, it can be devastating for some. Those who are already at risk for strokes or heart attacks will be under more stress after consuming marijuana. The elderly, in particular, are more likely to suffer from cardiac arrest hours after using the drug.

Nearly One-Third of Marijuana Users Become Dependent

Marijuana may not have as many physically addictive properties as other substances like heroin or cocaine. However, dependencies can still develop. 30% of marijuana users will abuse the drug or develop a dependency. This can make stopping difficult, and it can lead to addiction.

Even Secondhand Marijuana Smoke Can Impact the Cardiovascular System

One of the most worrying consequences of marijuana consumption is how secondhand marijuana smoke can impact individuals. Even if you’re not smoking, just being around marijuana smoke for a single minute can impact your cardiovascular system for a staggering 90 minutes. Blood vessels change with this minimal exposure, impairing cardiovascular function as well as circulation.

Marijuana Consumption During Pregnancy Can Impact Newborn’s Weight

Using marijuana throughout pregnancy can impact a newborn’s birth weight. Heavy consumption throughout pregnancy can lead to lower average birth weights of 277 grams, which is nearly 10 ounces. This can be particularly problematic for babies born prematurely. Lower birth weights can lead to added health risks. Marijuana use brings with it a number of substantial physical and mental consequences. If you’re struggling to break a dependency of marijuana, Lakeview Health in Jacksonville, Florida, can help. Don’t ignore these negative effects of marijuana use. Call us today at 866-704-7692 to start planning for a substance-free future.

The Riverside Company Plans for Additional Expansion in Acquisition of Growing Lakeview Health

JACKSONVILLE, FL (December 19, 2016) — Lakeview Health, a Jacksonville-based addiction treatment center, announced today that it has been acquired by global private equity firm The Riverside Company. Lakeview Health was previously owned by Dallas-based Trinity Hunt Partners, who greatly expanded the programs and campus since their 2013 purchase of the center. “As the needs for substance-abuse treatment grow, providers require expansive resources to provide world-class care while meeting the demands of payors,” said Riverside Partner Hunter Peterson. “Lakeview has a proven clinical care track record, excellent management and a fully developed back office, which makes it well-positioned for strong growth.” “Lakeview Health has had such tremendous success in the past three years through its integrative health model, servant leadership, and continued investment by Trinity Hunt Partners,” commented Roy M. Serpa, President and CEO of Lakeview Health. “We’ve received tremendous attention and distinction in this category for our model of gender-responsive addiction treatment. Now with The Riverside Company, we hope to continue this trajectory. There is so much in the works.” The servant leadership model used by Lakeview Health challenges the traditional “top–down” leadership model used by most companies. Executives see their role as supporting the employees who give care to patients. This shift has removed the micromanagement element of doing business and created a culture of enabled staff who can innovate within their role. Roy M. Serpa will continue in his role as president and CEO to continue his vision for creating a center of excellence that will be a model for long-term addiction recovery nationwide. Over the last three years, he and his leadership team have transformed Lakeview Health through a phased series of addiction treatment specialties and building expansions. The latest of which was the opening in May of The Rose of Lakeview. This 54-bed, 35,600-square-foot women’s center was built on four acres of newly acquired land adjacent to Lakeview Health’s existing campus. The environment provides women with detox, medical care, and primary therapy within a completely gender-responsive treatment framework. The Riverside Company partnership will allow Lakeview Health to expand its brand into new regions such as the Southwest, Central and Northeast United States, by de novo or acquisition. About Lakeview Health Lakeview Health, located in Jacksonville, FL, serves individuals with addiction and psychiatric disorders. Licensed clinical staff work in large and small groups to offer an integrative health approach that addresses the medical, psychological, physical, and spiritual aspects of recovery. Our gender-responsive programs—the Rose of Lakeview and the Star of Lakeview—host unique treatment features that cater to women and men independently. We provide a full continuum of care that runs from medical detox to intensive outpatient, allowing patients to successfully move toward a life in recovery. Call us at 866-460-8416 or visit us at About The Riverside Company Riverside is a global private equity firm focused on making control and non-control investments in growing businesses valued at up to $400 million. Since its founding in 1988, Riverside has invested in more than 450 transactions. The firm’s international portfolio includes more than 80 companies. About Trinity Hunt Partners Trinity Hunt Partners is a Dallas-based private equity firm investing in established middle-market companies that are valued between $20 million and $150 million, where additional capital and operating resources can accelerate growth. The firm considers investment opportunities across a select group of industries where it has developed domain expertise, including business services, industrial growth, healthcare services, and non-cyclical consumer. For more information on Trinity Hunt Partners, visit or contact Scott Colvert at [email protected]