Adele and Alcohol Abuse

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June 28, 2012

Photo by Egghead06 / CC BY-SA 4.0

Adele, famous songwriter and singer, has a biography that has been released depicting her career, relationships and potential alcohol addiction that could have ended her career. The author discusses Adele’s struggles and her father’s history of alcoholism. She ties this into Adele’s history of choosing men in her life who are unable to give her what she longs for. Having a parent who suffers from alcoholism may have contributed to not only her predisposition to struggle with alcohol but also her poor choices in men.
A family history of alcoholism can lead to unpredictable patterns growing up. Emotional issues can stem from the alcoholic’s volatility and/or that the child learns that chaos, unpredictability and emotional disconnection are acceptable. With Adele, who report not having a relationship with her father, it was the absenteeism which may have left an empty feeling which led to the wrong choices in men and drinking alcohol to cope. Many alcoholics will require alcohol detox followed by alcohol rehab to learn how to live sober in a life of recovery. It seems that Adele was able to recognize this pattern of unhealthy coping with alcohol before this was needed.
At Lakeview Health Systems we recognize the importance of resolving underlying issues that sometimes hinder family relationships which can help people stop using alcohol to cope with unwanted feelings. Our program offers a family program component for education as well as the individualized care by addiction specialists to help alcoholics eliminate alcohol abuse and unhealthy coping skills through alcohol rehab. If you or a loved one suffers from alcoholism and is unable to stop alone, the way Adele did, please call 866-877-6717 to enter our state-of-the-art alcohol rehab facility today.

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