Breaking Down Walls in Addiction Treatment

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February 21, 2011

Breaking Down Walls in Addiction Treatment


Like the old commercial from the eighties used to say, “No one ever says I want to be a drug addict when I grow up”. The unfortunate truth is that life happens and if individuals do not have good coping skills to handle whatever is thrown at them they may turn to alcohol and drugs. While their intentions may be just to use alcohol and drugs temporarily it is very common for drug addiction and alcohol abuse to set in. Once addiction settles in it can be nearly impossible to stop without the professional help of an addiction treatment center.

Addiction can stem from a countless number of reasons including sexual trauma, physical abuse, a death that was never properly mourned, genetically predisposed, depression, bipolar disorder…to name few. During an individual’s time at addiction treatment they will work with therapists and certified addiction professionals. These professionals will play a major role in getting to the root of an individual’s addiction and helping the client to process and cope with whatever caused their addiction.

In addition to processing and helping its clients deal with the cause of their addiction therapists will work with clients and their peers in relapse prevention classes. Detailed and personalized aftercare plans should also be put into place for each individual who partakes in an addiction treatment program.

Addiction is a disease that should be taken very seriously. While recovering from drug and alcohol abuse is a lifelong process the lessons learned in drug rehab can make it possible for an individual to regain their life back and have a long lasting meaningful recovery.

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