Social Media and Alcohol Consumption

individual on their phone and unsure about the connection between social media and alcohol consumption

Alcohol producers spend a lot of money each year marketing their products, and social media has become a popular place to advertise. With platforms like Facebook attracting more than two billion users, it’s no wonder that experts are starting to make a connection between social media and alcohol consumption. If you or a loved one

Men and Drinking: The Causes Behind Alcohol Abuse

man outside thinking about men and drinking

When it comes to alcohol consumption, men and women tend to consume at the same rate. However, it’s essential to realize that men and drinking relate differently than women and drinking. While some might reach for a beer to relax, it’s essential to recognize that consistent drinking can be harmful. A beer or two to

Women and Wine: The Current Mommy Wine Culture

young woman struggling with women and wine

In today’s society, especially with the current pandemic, we are seeing an increase in drinking within the media. From drinks being shared with friends out at a bar to encouraging drinking at home to unwind, we are constantly exposed to alcohol consumption. One pairing we are consistently seeing is women and wine. Women are constantly

The Complicated Relationship Between Alcohol and Anxiety

girl discussing her issues with alcohol and anxiety

Whether you come home from a long day or you’re out at a social event trying to relax, alcohol is a quite common substance many of us reach for to manage our anxiety. Wine at the end of a long day as you unwind from work or a beer to loosen up while you’re out

Top 5 Characteristics of the Best Alcohol Rehab

group therapy taking place at the best alcohol rehab

How do you know what to look for when deciding where to go for alcohol rehab? There are 5 characteristics that we can use as parameters for choosing the best alcohol rehab facility. Usually, by the time we realize that we need treatment, we have lost money, relationships, jobs and have physical problems. We suffer

Signs of Teen Binge Drinking

teen on couch struggling with binge drinking

Binge drinking is far more than just enjoying a glass or two of wine in the evenings or knocking back a couple of cocktails on occasion. Binge drinking is defined as excessive alcohol use, and it is when individuals consume four or more alcoholic beverages in under two hours. Unfortunately, binging on alcohol is increasingly

Treatment Program for Alcohol Addiction

woman running a treatment program for alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction is a problem that is becoming increasingly more common in today’s society. If you have become dependent upon alcohol, it’s time to find help through a treatment program for alcohol addiction through a variety of addiction treatment programs offered at a reputable facility. Through this program, you will be able to get your

I Need Help with Alcohol Addiction

woman wonders do I need help with alcohol addiction

With alcohol being such an easily accessible, and often encouraged, substance to consume, it can be hard to determine if you’re struggling with addiction. What might begin as enjoying drinks with friends or taking the edge off after a long day could quickly become a serious problem with alcohol dependence. If you begin to think,

What Causes Alcohol Addiction

man wondering What Causes Alcohol Addiction

When it comes to alcohol addiction, it’s often easy for others to quickly place the blame on the individual struggling. They often believe the individual made a poor choice, or they simply enjoy drinking, and they blame them for the situation they’re in. However, it’s important to take a step back and consider what causes

What is a Functioning Alcoholic?

woman wondering what is a functioning alcoholic

When many individuals think of alcoholics, they tend to imagine someone who is incapacitated and unable to function properly. However, many people don’t realize that there is such a thing as a functioning alcoholic. But what is a functioning alcoholic, and does someone in your life fit the criteria? If you believe your loved one