Treatment Program for Alcohol Addiction

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Alcohol addiction is a problem that is becoming increasingly more common in today’s society. If you have become dependent upon alcohol, it’s time to find help through a treatment program for alcohol addiction through a variety of addiction treatment programs offered at a reputable facility. Through this program, you will be able to get your

I Need Help with Alcohol Addiction

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With alcohol being such an easily accessible, and often encouraged, substance to consume, it can be hard to determine if you’re struggling with addiction. What might begin as enjoying drinks with friends or taking the edge off after a long day could quickly become a serious problem with alcohol dependence. If you begin to think,

What Causes Alcohol Addiction

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When it comes to alcohol addiction, it’s often easy for others to quickly place the blame on the individual struggling. They often believe the individual made a poor choice, or they simply enjoy drinking, and they blame them for the situation they’re in. However, it’s important to take a step back and consider what causes

What is a Functioning Alcoholic?

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When many individuals think of alcoholics, they tend to imagine someone who is incapacitated and unable to function properly. However, many people don’t realize that there is such a thing as a functioning alcoholic. But what is a functioning alcoholic, and does someone in your life fit the criteria? If you believe your loved one

The Importance of Alcohol Detox for Recovery

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Are you struggling with alcohol addiction? Do you find yourself dependent on alcohol to make it through your day? Or does your loved one drink more heavily than you feel comfortable with? Is their drinking becoming an issue? If this is the case, it’s time to seek out help for alcohol abuse and addiction. When

Resources On Alcohol Addiction

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In today’s society, it isn’t unusual to consume alcohol for pleasure or relaxation. Often, people enjoy a glass of wine with a meal or a beer while in the company of friends. While this type of “normal” use of alcohol does not present a problem for most, it can potentially become excessive for others and

Under The Influence of Alcohol at Work?

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Many people are struggling and under the influence of alcohol at work, despite knowing that it will jeopardize their employment, not to mention their families well being? Whether they keep a bottle of vodka in their desk drawer or have a schedule to take pills, their life revolves around substance use disorder. They’re willing to

Managing Depression and Addiction during Coronavirus

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For many people, social isolation and stay-at-home orders will naturally bring about bouts of mental health concerns. Even if not contracted, coronavirus can cause other things to happen to a person – like depression or anxiety. Coupled with those who may already suffer from or are in recovery from substance use disorder, it can cause

Does Alcohol Addiction Only Affect the Alcoholic?

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It’s no secret that individuals who struggle with alcoholism need the help of a professional alcohol addiction treatment center. Numerous programs are available for those wishing to begin their recovery journey. However, alcohol addiction is far-reaching in who it affects. Those closest to an individual struggling will start to feel the adverse effects of alcoholism

Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Albany, GA

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As researchers at the non-profit Center for Addiction have pointed out, one in seven Americans suffers from addiction. This means that more than 40 million people are struggling with substance abuse in this country. That’s more than the number that suffers from cancer, diabetes, and even heart disease. And alcoholism is by far the most