Substance misuse and its harms are a pervasive problem in the United States. Not only are individuals and families struggling […]
Gene Migliaccio 
| September 20, 2018
Sally J. Finn at the Salvation Army in St Kilda, Melbourne created International Overdose Awareness Day in 2001. Since its inception, […]
Lakeview Health 
| August 31, 2018
Key Issues Addressed By The SUPPORT Act Legislation The SUPPORT Act (Substance Use-Disorder Prevention that Promotes Opioid Recovery and Treatment […]
Lakeview Health 
| July 24, 2018
Today, July 1, 2018, Florida’s new opioid laws for the regulation of the use of prescription opioids went into effect […]
Lakeview Health 
| July 1, 2018
Opioid Epidemic in New England Far from Over New England has been among the hardest-hit regions in the opioid epidemic. […]
Lakeview Health 
| March 26, 2018
Our Response: A Seven-Step Plan for Ending the Opioid Crisis In a recently published article, “A Seven-Step Plan for Ending […]
Lakeview Health 
| February 27, 2018
Drug Overdose Deaths Rising: It Isn’t About Giving Up One Thing Drug overdose deaths are occurring at record levels in […]
Michael Rass 
| February 26, 2018
Opioid Epidemic in Hays County Texas Drug overdose deaths in Texas have been leveling off in recent years according to […]
Michael Rass 
| January 18, 2018