Children Are Often Victims of Drug Addiction and Alcohol Abuse

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May 05, 2011

Children Are Often Victims of Drug Addiction and Alcohol Abuse


Picture this scene. A young child eating a bowl of cereal they made for themselves in a house that is filthy, a laundry room full of dirty clothes, and a coffee table filled with empty bottles of booze and drug paraphernalia. In a house that has addiction this is not that uncommon of a site. Adults who struggle with addiction to drugs and alcohol have problems holding down a job and providing in a caring, responsible fashion for their children.

Children that live in homes where addiction is going on are more suspect to be victim’s of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Parents who are addicted to drugs and alcohol are likely not going to be able to give their child the attention that they need and deserve. Children who grow up in a house hold that surrounds them with drugs and alcohol are more apt to have issues with addiction.

In some cases children are removed from homes and placed into state custody because their living conditions are so bad. This can all be avoided if a parent who is battling with drug addiction or alcohol abuse gets the help of an addiction treatment center. Addiction treatment has been able to restore the lives of many parents and help them to go on to live happy and productive lives while being the responsible and caring parents they were before they got caught in the grips of addiction.

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