“First Record Written Sober,” Reports Eddie VanHalen
By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: April 25, 2012

Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll is just an accepted way of life for a rock star. Eddie VanHalen knows too well what the destruction that this lifestyle endorses. He has said that he had terrible stage fright and that his father introduced him to alcohol at the age of 12 to overcome his fear of performing. And so the cycle of addiction started at a very young age. VanHalen does make the distinction that his alcoholism was not his father’s fault. Over the years, VanHalen’s drinking increased causing a negative impact on his relationships as well as his career. A talented guitarist, some may say one of the best, had allowed a substance to control his life. His story is one that many alcoholics share. Alcoholism is a family disease and it was simply a poor coping skill passed down from father to son. VanHalen’s son also plays guitar and it seems that he has been able to witness his father’s recognition of an alcohol problem and the courage to do something different. Many fans are so happy to see the reunion of David Lee Roth with VanHalen and the band is very encouraging and supportive of his sobriety. VanHalen reports that he is excited about being sober and this is the first album he has written completely free of substances.