Judging, Comparing and Feeling Justified?
By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: November 16, 2012

It is second nature to be critical and judgmental of others, especially when we look superior next to them. In our addiction we size ourselves up against other addicts to feel better and in sobriety we do the same. Where does this pattern of thinking really get us? Even though we are temporarily satisfied, we are usually miserable facing this direction. This fleeting feeling leaves us looking for the next person to judge and compare ourselves to. We turn our noses up at people behaving in ways that we perceive are wrong. Haven’t we all been in those shoes at one point? OK, maybe not the same exact situation, but on the receiving end of someone’s judgment. Our self-righteous attitude is probably more associated with active addiction than sobriety. Making judgments about other people’s faults is not keeping our side of the street clean. In a program of recovery, this pattern of thinking and behaving may actually be a sign that relapse is around the corner. Addiction lies dormant waiting for an opportunity to sneak back into our lives. It starts out with something as simple as judging, comparing and then feeling justified. No matter what, we end up feeling hurt from this type of behavior in the long run. Do you find yourself judging others when you should be focused on your own program? Share your thoughts with us below or on Facebook.