The Benefit of an Organized Regimen During Addiction Recovery

By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: June 18, 2016

In drug recovery, quality rehabilitative treatment is extremely important. For true and lasting recovery to occur, that treatment must provide an organized approach with long-term therapies designed for relapse prevention and ongoing wellness.

Key Components of an Organized Regimen for Drug Recovery

An organized regimen for addiction recovery must help patients achieve certain objectives. These objectives, while quite general in nature, form the pillars of a quality treatment program. Drug recovery occurs when patients achieve the following objectives during and after treatment:

  • End of drug use
  • Long-term recovery
  • Productive family, social and work life

Around these three primary objectives, individual treatment programs are developed using evidence-based therapeutic methods. These therapies may differ from one treatment facility to another. But as long as the three pillars are established as part of an organized treatment regimen, long-term drug recovery can occur.

Principles of Drug Recovery Regimens

Beyond achieving the three primary objectives of treatment, a quality regimen for lasting addiction recovery is formed using the following principles as its foundation:

  • Addiction is a treatable, yet complex disease altering brain function and behavior
  • One form of treatment won’t be suited for every patient
  • Treatment must be readily available when patients seek it
  • Patients must be treated through a whole-person approach, not just for drug use
  • Long-term treatment is critical for a lasting recovery
  • Behavioral therapies and counseling play an integral role in rehab
  • Individualized treatment plans must remain changeable, according to changing needs of the patient
  • Mental disorders must be treated for recovery to occur
  • Detox is only the first step of recovery
  • Even involuntary treatment can be successful
  • Use of medications must be closely monitored during treatment
  • Infectious disease screenings and prevention are integral parts of treatment

Methods of Treatment for Lasting Drug Recovery

For lasting recovery to be attained, addiction treatment must follow certain steps. Although many patients feel they can handle their addiction following detoxification, this is a misconception that is essentially a pathway to relapse. Successful addiction treatment must include:

  • Detoxification
  • Behavioral therapies
  • Medications as appropriate
  • Co-occurring disorder diagnosis (dual diagnosis)
  • Long-term aftercare as relapse prevention

Lakeview Health of Jacksonville, Florida is a rehabilitative treatment program operating as part of a care continuum model. Treatment starts with medically supervised detoxification, continues through residential rehabilitation employing evidence-based and holistic therapies, and supports patients in aftercare as they continue their lives in their home communities. This highly organized regimen ensures optimum potential for lifelong sobriety. Call Lakeview Health now at 866.704.7692 to learn more about treatment methods and programs for complete recovery from addiction. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to gain quality rehabilitative care for a brighter future.