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What Are Life Skills?

woman learning what are life skills and how they help for recovery

When you begin with addiction treatment programs, you often hear about learning life skills. These skills are introduced through addiction therapies and treatment programs and are meant to benefit you once you leave treatment. But what are life skills for recovery, and how do you implement them once you return home? What Are Life Skills?

Recovery from Addiction takes Time…Pace Yourself!

friends discussing how Recovery from Addiction takes Time

Those struggling with addiction know all too well that we want what we want, when we want it. Instant gratification defined our drug addiction, and we now apply the same concept to our recovery. We expect the process of changing people, places, and things that we associate with substance abuse to be quick, but it

Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention: Why Programs Work

happy female after Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention

Why feel the heartache when you suspect that your child is using drugs or alcohol? Why put yourself through even more of an emotional rollercoaster when you confirm your suspicions? To prevent children from using drugs or alcohol and possibly struggling with addiction, adolescent drug and alcohol abuse prevention programs may be helpful. These programs