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How EMDR Can Heal Trauma

By Lakeview Health Staff Lakeview Health Staff Published: January 11, 2017 Updated: March 22, 2021 Substance use disorder is often linked to co-occurring trauma. “Studies of drug addicts repeatedly find extraordinarily high percentages of childhood trauma of various sorts, including physical, sexual, and emotional abuse,” writes Canadian physician Gabor Maté in his seminal addiction study

Lakeview Health Podcast with Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center

By Lakeview Health Staff Lakeview Health Staff Published: December 15, 2016 Updated: February 4, 2021 Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center, based in Prescott, Arizona, is focused on helping clients address their substance use disorder and co-occurring disorder. John Baumgartner, director of operations and Ray Mossey, director of admissions took time out of their Lakeview Health visit

Anxiety Often Co-Occurs with Substance Use: Wells Fargo and Hand Sanitizer

By Lakeview Health Staff Lakeview Health Staff Published: November 1, 2016 Updated: November 8, 2019 Stress is one factor that can lead people to turn to drugs and alcohol. The pressures of work, home, and family can sometimes overwhelm people. While some find healthy ways to deal with stress, others use self-destructive means. The pressure

Government Reports Emphasize need for Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Mental illness and addiction to drugs and alcohol commonly go hand in hand and in order to recover from both an individual may need to go to a specialized dual diagnosis treatment center that is capable of treating both diseases.