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What is a Recovery Community?

Many people have the misconception that once you or your loved one completes treatment, they go back to the regular lives they were living prior to getting clean and sober. While part of that may be true, apart from returning to your job or your hometown (if it won’t compromise your sobriety), a big part

Managing Your Recovery During the Holidays

Last week our Recovery Coaches hosted an open chat to talk about how individuals can manage their addiction recovery and navigate the holidays. We recorded the session so anyone who was unable to call in would still have access to the advice and tips from Nick Goslin, the Star of Lakeview Alumni Coordinator and Recovery

Lakeview Health Podcast with The Milestone House

The Milestone House has three sober living homes in Dover, New Jersey. Nikoleta Danicic and Erika Shortway sat down with Gina Thorne to talk about The Milestone House programs and services during their visit to the Lakeview Health campus in Jacksonville, Florida. The Milestone House, as stated on their website, offers individuals in early addiction

Exercise Improves Physical and Mental Wellness for People in Addiction Recovery

It’s often forgotten that our brain is the source of our physical and emotional wellness. Our brain controls our feelings of pleasure, reward, our sense of balance and coordination. You know that seemingly natural ability you have to move your arms or legs, see the beautiful sky, or taste your favorite ice cream? Your brain

Early Recovery: Getting It Right

“When I was drinking and smoking weed everyday, I would sleep until noon and get high before I went to work at 3 p.m. After work I would meet my friends and party all night. When I first tried to quit, the only thing that I changed was that I no longer used drugs or