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How to Train Your Triceps

It’s nearly beach season and it’s time for men to get out there and get bigger arms! That means we’re going to target the biceps this week right? Wrong. If you want a massive arm, you’ll want to take a look at the other side, the triceps brachii. These three heads originate as high as the

How to Train Your Pectoralis Major (Pecs)

The Pectoralis Major is a focus of every workout plan. In case you did not know, the Pectoralis major starts on the sternum and clavicle and inserts on the lateral lip of the bicipital groove on the humerus. This allows the arm to abduct across the torso. This muscle is so important to people in the

My History Will Not Be My Destiny: Jake the Snake’s Road to Sobriety

Jake “The Snake” Roberts was one of the major stars of professional wrestling in the 1980s and 1990s. His ring name refers to his habit of bringing live snakes to the arena, the most famous one being a python named Damien. Like many of his wrestling colleagues, Jake Roberts was hiding a serious substance use