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December 6, 2020 | Lakeview Health |

Opioid addiction is a serious disease. This type of drug is highly addictive. It may create a sense of euphoria […]

A recent white paper from the Office on Women’s Health concluded that the prevalence of prescription opioid and heroin use […]

February 14, 2017 | Philip Hemphill |

The January Professional Lecture Series was presented by Brian Fuehrlein, M.D., Ph.D. He is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at […]

November 14, 2016 | Lakeview Health |

The Lengths People Will Go Doctor shopping is a common way of trying to score painkillers. People in active addiction […]

October 8, 2016 | Lakeview Health |

Last year, Macklemore took on the opioid epidemic with a new song. “Kevin” addressed the addiction crisis with lyrics like […]

July 26, 2016 | Lakeview Health |

Monday’s first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia highlighted the addiction crisis in America. It started when the […]

December 22, 2011 | Lakeview Health |

Achieving sobriety is likely to be one of the toughest challenges ever faced for a person who is addicted to […]



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