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Prescription Drug Abuse

Are Parents to Blame for Prescription Drug Abuse?

doctor and patient discussing prescription drug abuse

By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health Meet The Editorial Team Published: April 18, 2020 When you’re raising teenagers, it can be difficult navigating the topics of substance abuse and peer pressure. For some parents, discussing these topics head-on seems like the best approach. They believe that having conversations will help inform their loved one and prevent

What is a Percocet High?

percocet high, man sleeping in bed at night

There are a lot of reasons that addiction happens. One of the most frequent reasons is the feeling people get from the medications they take. Pain medications, for example, can make people feel “up” and slightly euphoric. A Percocet high, for example, is very common for those who take this medication. Since pain medications are

What Happens to Your Body After Heroin? [Infographic]

What happens to your body after heroin use isn’t particularly pleasant to think about, but it’s important to understand just how damaging this drug can be. Every year, opiate addiction costs the United States $484 billion, and, sadly, heroin use jumped a shocking 63% between 2002 and 2013. By taking a closer look at what

Drug Monitoring Programs Put in Place around the Country

By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health Meet The Editorial Team Published: January 13, 2012 Prescription drug abuse often starts innocently with an individual getting a prescription to help them manage either chronic or acute pain. Once their body becomes acclimated to the dosage prescribed to them, they often begin to self medicate by taking more than

Suboxone & Methadone Not an Alternative to Addiction Treatment

Suboxone and methadone are often used by individuals who are trying to stop their addiction to opiates. The problem with drugs like suboxone and methodone and those similar is that they are also addictive and can lead one down a very similar path as addiction to other drugs.

Government to Increase Education on Prescription Drug Abuse

The government/Obama administration recognizes the increasing problem with prescription drug abuse and is currently putting together a plan to get the problem under control. The premise behind the campaign is education with doctors, parents, young adults and the health care industry in general.

Numbers On the Rise for Babies Born Into Opiate Addiction

Over the past ten years reports have shown a scary and drastic increase in numbers of babies who are born with opiate addiction and subsequently suffer from opiate withdrawals. Physicians face a moral dilemma on whether or not they should treat pregnant ladies who struggle with opiate addiction.