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Recipe for Recovery: 12 Step Mix

“Serenity!” If you have ever attended a committee meeting within the anonymous fellowships you’ve heard it shouted (ironically) from the back of the room. Certainly, if you’ve attended any 12-Step meeting, then you’ve heard the prayer: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I

Lakeview Health Podcast with Simply Grace House

Anika Cooper, founder, and Lauren Roberts, program director at Simply Grace House stopped by the Lakeview Health campus for a visit. During their time in Jacksonville, we got the chance to learn more about the work being done at Simply Grace House in Dallas, Texas. The sober living home is a welcoming, safe, and affordable

Women in Recovery: Establishing Healthy Relationships in Early Recovery is Not So Easy

Addiction Destroys Genuine Intimacy Women in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction describe their emotional struggle during recovery as empty, lonely, guilty, disconnected and numb. For the woman who is still addicted, these fearful and painful emotions are temporarily remedied by drugs and/or alcohol and, sometimes, sexual encounters. “Most of the time I felt lonely