What to Look for in a Center During Covid
By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: October 5, 2020

Isolation is typically detrimental to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. In fact, it is often considered a sign or symptom of substance use disorder rather than a way of treating it. However, in these days of COVID-19 and quarantine measures, group activities present health risks of their own. If you or someone you care about needs a residential recovery program, there are guidelines available to help guide your choice of facility and protect you from many of the risks associated with the COVID-19 virus. Below are some tips that can help you make your choice.

At Lakeview Health, we have been quick to ensure that the essential services that we offer to individuals who are battling addiction remain available. To learn more about how Lakeview Health can help you, reach out to us online today.

Choose a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center With Aggressive Safety Measures in Place

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers that limit group activity to gatherings of ten or less are taking pro-active measures toward preventing the spread of COVID-19. At Lakeview Health, we have also moved much of our group counseling to outdoor spaces, where the threat of catching or spreading the virus is less. Additionally, there’s more your choice of a treatment center can do to help keep you safe, including:

  • Private, one-on-one appointments for admission
  • Frequent cleaning and sanitation of facilities
  • Monitoring of client temperatures
  • Access to virtual or telehealth behavioral services
  • Educating clients on standard safety practices

Look for drug and alcohol treatment centers like Lakeview Health that offer these services. This shows they care about stemming the transmission of the virus to their clients in residential programs or partial hospitalization programs.

Look for Outdoor, Wilderness, or Adventure Therapies and Programs

Many drug and alcohol treatment centers are located in rural settings to take advantage of the peace and beauty of nature. When searching for the right addiction treatment center for yourself, consider ones that focus on outdoor therapies such as rock climbing, hiking, or nature retreats. Generally, the transmission of COVID-19 is less likely in outdoor spaces where social distancing takes place. Therefore, facilities that get clients outside and into the fresh air show they care about the people they treat.

Lastly, if your choice of treatment center can’t offer access to wilderness or adventure therapies, look for ones that provide spacious campuses that feature plenty of outdoor seating, pathways, and places to walk and gather while still maintaining a safe social distance.

Choose an Addiction Treatment Center That Limits Access to Visitors

All the sanitation in the world won’t help stem the spread of COVID-19 if the general public is allowed free access to the facility. Accordingly, look for an addiction treatment center that limits the number of visitors allowed on campus. Contact with friends and family members can and should be made via phone or computer in these days of quarantine. When face-to-face meetings do take place, they should happen in isolated locations that are easily sanitized afterward. Additionally, clients who have been exposed to recent visitors should be monitored closely for changes in body temperature and other signs of illness.

Consider Lakeview Health in Jacksonville, FL, for Addiction Treatment

At Lakeview Health, with locations in Florida and Texas, our clients’ health and well-being are always priorities. For this reason, we’ve upped our security measures with the onset of COVID-19 in America, and we take all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus onto our campuses and to our clients and their loved ones.

Many of our programs are gender-specific, which limits the number of patients to smaller, more intimate groups. During group therapies and activities, we enforce strict social-distancing guidelines designed to preserve health. Additionally, all of our facilities are cleaned and sanitized aggressively to help kill harmful bacteria and viruses that may be present.

At Lakeview Health, clients enjoy large, spacious campuses that feature plenty of meandering, outdoor walkways, and gathering spots. We move activities outside when weather permits and are always aware of who is entering our facilities and how often. We limit exposure to outside guests and service people and make sure that anyone who occupies our kitchens, restrooms, or other community spaces abide by the highest safety standards at all times.

If you need a safe sanctuary to recover from drug or alcohol addiction, you can trust Lakeview Health to take all necessary precautions to protect you from the spread of COVID-19. Contact us today.