Benefits of an Accredited Addiction Treatment Program
By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: April 18, 2016

Attending an accredited treatment program means you’re getting a quality drug or alcohol rehab. It’s always important to pay particular attention to whether facilities are accredited by approved non-profit review entities, such as the Joint Commission or CARF. These organizations review treatment programs for quality and ensure they utilize effective, proven methods of rehabilitation. Accreditation indicates the rehab strives for excellence in treatment and meets stringent standards and regulations.

Why is an Accredited Treatment Program Important?

When reviewing addiction treatment programs, you likely have become aware of just how many rehabs exist. But not all recovery programs are equal in providing the best level of care. The first thing you should look for when screening rehabs is most often located at the very bottom of their website or marketing materials. That is a small circular seal indicating that the facility and its programs have been accredited by the Joint Commission or other government-approved reviewing entity. In order for this seal to be included on a rehab website, that program must have been scrutinized by the outside approving body. Hundreds of standards used to measure the quality of addiction treatment must have been met or exceeded. These standards include measurements of high quality in the following areas:

  • Safety and health
  • Corporate compliance
  • Business practices
  • Governance
  • Patient care quality

Patient Surveys Matter in Accredited Treatment Program Designation

When being reviewed by the Joint Commission for accreditation, a rehab treatment facility and its programs must be shown to provide patient satisfaction. The Joint Commission gives patients a voice in whether a program is accredited by surveying them on the results of their treatment. Patients rate, score, and comment on the type of service and care quality they have received. For a patient about to enter rehab, this past patient satisfaction is a big indicator of whether the rehab will provide good results for optimum recovery. When a program is well-reviewed by the patients undergoing treatment, you know that you have a real opportunity to use that program to your own benefit for lifelong sobriety. You will also have a voice in the future of that facility’s status as an accredited treatment program through your own Joint Commission survey. This is empowerment for individuals in treatment, just as it is a regulator of rehabilitative service quality.

Joint Commission Accredited Treatment Program in Jacksonville, Florida

Lakeview Health is a Joint Commission accredited treatment program in Jacksonville, Florida. As the rehab website’s silver seal indicates, Lakeview Health has met or exceeded the Joint Commission’s requirements for accreditation. This ensures patients receive the highest quality of service and treatment toward lifelong recovery. You deserve the best chance of recovery and the Joint Commission’s designation as an accredited treatment program proves Lakeview Health can provide just that. Call Lakeview Health now at 866 704 7692 to learn more about dual diagnosis residential treatment based upon the 12-steps.