Understanding Addiction And Social Media

By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: July 10, 2020

In today’s society, a lot of the information and content we consume is through our phones or computers. Social media has the ability to keep us connected to friends, family members, and even our favorite idols. However, social media can have its downsides as well. Because of the amount of exposure social media presents, it can tend to influence users. It’s because of this constant exposure that connects addiction and social media. Addiction treatment programs are now looking at how addiction and social media are connected and how to help those struggling to achieve their goals of recovery.

Why Addiction And Social Media Go Hand In Hand

If someone suffers from an alcohol or drug problem, they may find themselves going online to look for ways to pass the time if they no longer wish to spend it with loved ones or friends. When this is done, social media becomes an influencer, and not always in a positive manner. This depends upon the sites that the user looks at. When under the influence of drugs or alcohol, site use reasons vary. An individual struggling with addiction may easily find themselves spending more and more time on social media as an outlet to reach out to others. The people they engage with, however, make an impact on their everyday actions. While social media might be helpful in allowing those in an alumni program to connect, it can also be harmful if someone is viewing images or videos of alcohol consumption or drug use. It’s vital to filter what content you view to keep yourself safe and healthy.

How Social Media Influences

Social media tends to make a big influence on teenage users. When teens are using the platforms, they are exposed to pictures of celebrities glamorizing drug or alcohol use. They see their friends or family members doing the same. Advertisements are strategically placed within social media platforms also promoting alcohol or prescription drug use. Seeing these influences makes someone believe that using these substances is alright for others, so it may be alright for them as well. If someone already struggling with an addiction sees these influences, they tend to continue to engage in addictive behavior because it is deemed as socially acceptable within this realm.

Avoiding Addiction And Social Media Repercussions

Parents or caretakers who monitor their teen’s activity online make an impact on what their child sees. It is important to get involved if this is an issue in the household. For older social media users struggling with addiction, it is often more difficult to stop the behavior without assistance. It is often not recognized to be a problem by the individual. Triggers are experienced and advertisements are seen, and subliminally influence the social media user.

Addiction and Social Media: Process Addictions

Another way addiction and social media relate are by the addiction to social media itself. What many fail to realize is that a process addiction, or addiction to a behavior, is also a very real issue. If you find yourself constantly scrolling through your platforms, it might be time to take a step back and evaluate the time you spend on your phone.

Getting Help For Addiction And Social Media Downsides

If you know someone struggling with addiction and social media overuse, recovery is obtainable with treatment. Lakeview Health provides the ideal backdrop for recovery and healing at our Jacksonville, FL rehab facility. Our caring staff assists with treatment on an individualized basis, making sure the client’s health is always the main priority. Some of our services include:

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