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Addiction: Family Tradition or Family Curse?

Blog » Blog » Addiction: Family Tradition or Family Curse?

November 09, 2012

Did You Break the Cycle of Addiction?

If you have family members who are addicted, you probably have genetics linked to addiction. This is especially true if it’s an immediate family member who is an addict. You are predisposed to addiction and thus much more likely to fall into abusing substances, rather than using them responsibly. Addiction can be a generational curse both from your genes and your environment.
Children of addicts do not use drugs and alcohol like others. It’s like there is a substance abuse timer that you can’t turn off. On one hand, you know that addiction is horrible because you watched your parents or family members struggle. On the other hand, there is a draw to substance abuse – especially the thrill and euphoria, which prevents you from leaving it alone. Addiction impacts the entire family uni, not just the person addicted. This is true no matter how good your parents thought they kept it secret. You know this to be true.
Growing up, you struggle with the by-product of addiction and then as an addict, you have the direct consequences of addiction. You think that you will never be like your addicted parent, uncle, grandparent but then you end up being just like them. You’ll find that you will have the same struggles with addiction and you will be faced with the same choice – recovery or addiction?
Does addiction run in your family? Did you break the cycle? Share your thoughts with us below or on our Facebook page. We love to hear your stories of hope and change.

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