The Importance of Alumni for Relapse Prevention

By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: July 15, 2020

Addiction is a long term battle. It doesn’t end when you finish a rehab program. Alumni for relapse prevention allows those who are farther into recovery to help those still new to the journey. A long term approach to recovery is much more likely to stand the test of time, and alumni program groups provide support for those at all stages of recovery.

Finding Local Alumni for Relapse Prevention

Once you have completed a rehab program, you may struggle to find others in recovery in your local area. An alumni network gives you easy access to needed support. Alumni networks tend to extend beyond the local area of the rehab, so you should be able to find an alumni group near you.

Feelings of Camaraderie and Belonging

A desire to belong often plays a part in developing an addiction. Your social group is using drugs or alcohol. You want to fit in. You want to belong. So you begin using it as well. This is why one of the most important aspects of recovery is letting go of these social groups. However, everyone needs to feel a sense of belonging. Forming new relationships and becoming part of new social groups is a big part of a successful recovery.

Alumni for relapse prevention allows individuals to belong to a healthy social group. Since this is always a social need, many alumni find it helpful to remain a part of the group for years. In addition to belonging to a group, close friendships often develop as well.

Importance of Having Fun

Part of alumni for relapse prevention is having fun. If something isn’t fun, you aren’t likely to stick with it long term. It’s also an important part of self-care. Doing fun things with others in recovery can help you build a bond with your peers.

Giving Back

As you move farther into recovery, giving back is important. Alumni for relapse prevention can help you do that by providing support to others in recovery. Make friends, become a mentor or a sponsor, and share what has helped keep you clean and sober.

Knowledge You Need For Success

When you re-enter society, you’ll encounter new challenges. Job interviews, obtaining housing, and navigating the dating world are a few common challenges. Alumni for relapse prevention provides you with professionals and peers that can help you through these transitions. Real recovery requires timely real-world advice unique to your situation. Alumni programs can provide the guidance you need.

Check-Ins and Meetings

Alumni programs have frequent meetings that can help keep you on track. What if you fall back into denial? What if you know you are at risk of relapse or are struggling with your life, but just can’t bring yourself to reach out to anyone? Alumni programs often include scheduled check-ins. Sometimes these check-ins are just what you need to keep you going strong. Sometimes they can prompt you to ask for extra help.

Lakeview Health Alumni Program

We have an extensive alumni for relapse prevention program at Lakeview Health. We know that recovery doesn’t end when you finish rehab. In fact, it’s just beginning. Our 2,000 member alumni program provides support and fellowship for people at all levels of their recovery. Contact Lakeview Health using our online form to learn more about our addiction treatment programs and how our team can help you achieve and maintain recovery.

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