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Does Your Young Adult Abuse Prescription Drugs?

Prescription drug abuse is on the rise among young adults and teenagers. One of the major reasons that it has become such a problem is that prescription drugs are often easier to obtain then illegal drugs such as heroin or cocaine. Addiction treatment can help a young adult and their family recover from a prescription drug addiction.

Finding the Best Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

woman entering a treatment center

Drug rehab is pertinent in order to have a successful recovery. Lakeview Health Systems provide each client with a treatment plan that caters to their needs. The best way to overcome drug and alcohol addiction is with the help of a treatment center.

Turn Your Life Around with Addiction Treatment

group learning about addiction treatment

Lakeview Health Systems is one of the premier addiction treatment centers in the country. With individual treatment plans for each client they have a tremendous success rate with their clients. Their family program is top shelf helps families to recovery from the damage that active addiction can cause.

Alcohol Rehab Makes It Possible to Overcome Alcoholism

woman struggling with alcoholism

Alcoholism is a deadly disease and without the professional help of an alcohol rehab it can be nearly impossible to overcome. Individuals who struggle with the disease of alcoholism live a life full of drama an chaos. Their alcohol intake becomes their main priority and focus. Alcohol rehab can help the suffering alcoholic get their life back.

Toxic Relationships

people turned away from each other in a toxic relationship

A toxic relationship is one in which someone is held back and unable to grow. Some relationships can be saved by setting healthy boundaries in your relationships, but some relationships can’t–and shouldn’t–be saved. When people become chemically dependent, their relationships are affected. Since addiction affects the human brain’s survival centers, people often overlook toxic features of

What Are You Thankful For?

smiling woman is thankful for her recovery

Thanksgiving brings families together, but it can also be a stressful time. While this time is usually filled with family, food, and fun, for some, this holiday marks the start of a period of depression. Whether you are still using or in active recovery, you lost loved ones and have unwanted memories of using and

Will I Lose My Job If I Go To Rehab?

worried about losing job if he loses his job

Will I Lose My Job If I Go To Rehab? According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health, nearly 70% of all persons using illicit drugs are employed either part-time or full-time. If you are currently suffering from an addiction and are employed, you may be

Aftercare Planning: Should I stay or Should I Go?

friends holding hands during aftercare planning

Choosing a facility with a solid aftercare program can help people maintain their recovery even after they finish treatment. With their all-encompassing approach and extensive discharge planning, these facilities make it a point to offer comprehensive, individualized treatment plans that address both addiction and mental illness. They also make it a point to engage their