By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: October 9, 2020

COVID-19 and the novel coronavirus that causes it have raised a broad range of important questions across the globe, especially within the recovery community. Will I be safe in an addiction treatment facility? How can recovery take place in isolation? Fortunately, doctors and research scientists have been working on the problems relating to COVID since late last year, and we now have answers to some of the more frequently asked questions. If you or someone you love needs treatment for substance use disorder, it’s still available. It’s only the logistics that have changed. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about recovery during the current global health crisis and their answers.

Will Residential Treatment Be Available During the COVID Crisis?

Yes. Residential treatment centers are still open and admitting clients for treatment in most areas. The face of residential treatment has changed, however. Groups are smaller, and many move outside during mild weather. Individual appointments are requested instead of having clients wait in crowded areas, and visits from friends and family members have been scaled back or postponed during the crisis. Because of social distancing regulations, centers may not be able to serve as many clients as they did before the onset of COVID, which may mean waiting lists for some facilities are longer. At Lakeview Health, we have been particularly careful about putting safety measures into place.

Is Residential Treatment Safe During the COVID Crisis?

Yes. Drug and alcohol treatment centers are taking all the necessary precautions to prevent COVID-19 from affecting their facilities. You’ll see this in the hiring of more maintenance staff, more frequent cleanings and sanitation measures, and other regulations that may include:

  • Taking the temperatures of administration, staff and clients daily
  • Limiting the number of visitors to the campus
  • Relaxing sick-day and vacation policies for staff
  • Isolating staff or clients who show signs of illness
  • Social distancing inside and outside the facility

Residential treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is as safe as possible during this public health crisis. If you or your loved one is ready to reach out for recovery, it’s still safe to do so.

Should I Put Off Seeking Treatment for Addiction Until After the COVID Crisis Passes?

No. Delaying treatment for a substance use disorder is not only dangerous; it can be fatal under certain conditions. Help is still available, and it’s still safe to enter treatment. If you feel worried or afraid, contact a drug and alcohol treatment center nearby and talk with a representative. Or speak with your family physician or mental healthcare professional. Both can help you find the assistance you need to begin recovery.

Are There Alternatives to Residential Treatment?

Yes. You have options available if a residential stay seems too overwhelming right now. Contact your treatment center of choice to find out what services they offer. Many offer much more than just residential care, including:

  • Outpatient treatment
  • Partial hospitalization programs
  • Intensive outpatient care
  • Day programs
  • Drop-in services

There’s an option out there to fit your needs, even during these uncertain times. Reach out to Lakeview Health to discover all of the solutions that we can provide.

Should I Try to Detox and Recover at Home?

No. The symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal can be severe, especially if you’ve been using these substances for a significant amount of time. It’s best to be under the care of a licensed medical professional before attempting to detox and recover from addiction.

How Can Lakeview Health Help?

Lakeview Health is a drug and alcohol treatment center with campuses in Jacksonville, FL.  We provide excellent care for clients wishing to recover from addiction. Our programs use a 12-step, integrated approach to healing that addresses the mind, body, and spirit. You’ll feel better, stronger, and more able to face up to the challenges of recovery once you begin treatment.

Treatment at Lakeview Health can be gender-specific and embraces multiple therapeutic approaches, from holistic to traditional. We customize your treatment plan to suit your individual needs and take the utmost care to protect our clients and everyone who works on our campuses from the spread of COVID-19. Contact us today using our secure online form if you need help with recovery.