Does Alcohol Addiction Only Affect the Alcoholic?
By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: April 2, 2020

It’s no secret that individuals who struggle with alcoholism need the help of a professional alcohol addiction treatment center. Numerous programs are available for those wishing to begin their recovery journey. However, alcohol addiction is far-reaching in who it affects. Those closest to an individual struggling will start to feel the adverse effects of alcoholism over time. Relationships with family and friends are broken, and keeping a job can prove to be difficult. In general, large amounts of money are spent due to loss of productivity in the workplace, healthcare, and even car accidents due to drinking. But how can people who aren’t directly struggling with alcohol addiction recover?

The Reach of Alcohol Addiction

While employers tend to move on quickly from working with an individual struggling with alcoholism, family and friends tend to need more support. Ultimately, the loved ones of someone working through alcohol addiction want to continue to support and repair their relationship. However, doing so can be quite difficult. Addiction tends to cause feelings of distrust, hurt, and betrayal in family members. Signs of alcohol addiction that can lead to these feelings include:

  • Stealing money to buy alcohol
  • Lying about alcohol consumption
  • Lying about needing help for their addiction
  • Neglecting responsibilities
  • Lashing out at loved ones
  • Lying about who they’re spending time with

Because of these actions, it can be hard for those closest to someone to trust them again. Parents, children, siblings, and close friends are often the ones who experience the bulk of these hurtful actions and tend to experience their own adverse effects.

Loved ones might experience:

  • Guilt- They feel as though they could have prevented the addiction or helped sooner
  • Anger- They become mad at the person struggling with addiction and blame them.
  • Worry- Loved ones fear for the life and wellbeing of the individual

These emotions can then affect their life negatively and interfere with their own relationships and responsibilities. In order for everyone to heal from alcohol addiction, professionals at an addiction treatment center are necessary.

Help at Lakeview Health

Lakeview Health offers a family therapy program to help those who enter alcohol rehab eliminate addiction and also begin treatment for healing family relationships. Working on family relationships will assist you in making amends with friends and co-workers after you leave rehab. Whether it is a troubled childhood or being the victim in an alcohol-related car crash, family, friends, and loved ones are all vulnerable to the destruction when someone is dependent on alcohol.

Our therapists can help facilitate respectful yet effective conversations among loved ones to help mend these broken relationships. They act as mediators to ensure everyone speaks at a respectful level, uses kind language, and avoids using hurtful or degrading tones. In doing so, these family relationships can begin to heal, and everyone can enter a place of respect, love, and support.

Lakeview Health also provides the following to help:

  • Individual counseling program– One on one time with a therapist allows the client to understand their reasons for abusing alcohol and allows them to set personal goals for healing and recovery.
  • Group therapy program– Speaking in front of peers helps build communication skills and strengthens their support system.
  • Residential treatment program– Participating in a residential program allows clients to immerse themselves in treatment and gives them a greater chance at achieving recovery.
  • Dual diagnosis program– A dual diagnosis occurs when both an addiction and a mental health disorder require treatment.

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol addiction and you’re ready to begin the healing process, contact Lakeview Health to begin the admissions process and receive the help you need.