Does Alcohol Addiction Only Affect the Alcoholic?

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February 28, 2013

alcohol rehab and the alcoholicThere are so many alcohol rehab centers that treat addicts, but what about treatment for those who are also affected by alcohol abuse?  Family, friends and co-workers can all be negatively impacted by alcoholism.  Excessive drinking cost the United States $224 billion in 2006, including known costs of health care expenses, lost productivity and car crashes. Lost in those numbers are the costs to families.  A lot of money is spent on the destruction that alcohol addiction causes.
The monetary expense that alcohol addiction creates is vast. However, the emotional price tag takes more than money to pay off. Alcohol addiction causes the alcoholic to lie, hide and isolate from family, friends and loved ones. Professionals are aware of the issues that occur in the lives of alcoholics. Soon alcoholism begins to impact the person’s employment, finances and responsibilities, all of which have a domino effect on those closest to the alcoholic. Alcohol rehab is needed to help the individual stop drinking and get their life back on track. But what about those left in the wake of destruction?
Lakeview Health Systems offers a family weekend program to help those who enter alcohol rehab eliminate addiction and also begin treatment for healing family relationships. Working on family relationships will assist you in making amends with friends and co-workers after you leave rehab. Whether it is a troubled childhood or being the victim in an alcohol-related car crash, family, friends and loved ones are all vulnerable to the destruction when someone is dependent on alcohol.
Did you attend the family program at Lakeview Health and did it help your family? Share your comments with us below or on our Facebook page. We would love to hear your opinions.

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