What Does Residential Treatment Look Like?
By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: April 3, 2020

There are as many ways to treat drug addiction as there are people struggling with the disease. More specifically, the level of care that a person needs when seeking rehabilitation depends upon the severity of their dependence. For many, this means finding the right addiction treatment center that offers medical detox and residential treatment. But what does residential treatment look like? What should you expect? How long will it last? And what are the benefits of residential treatment?

If you have been asking yourself, “What does residential treatment look like?” the addiction specialists at Lakeview Health have answers for you.

What Does Residential Treatment Look Like?: The Basics

Residential — sometimes called “inpatient” — care refers to a kind of treatment in which the patient stays in a treatment facility around the clock, 24/7. In a residential treatment program, there is always a member of staff on call who can provide guidance, supervision, and support, no matter the time of day or night. In terms of the levels of care, a residential treatment program is differentiated from a partial hospitalization program (PHP), in which a patient stays at the facility all day long, but returns home to sleep. It is also distinct from an intensive outpatient program (IOP), in which the patient receives care on their own schedule. Both of these offer a high standard of care, but in both cases, the patient resides at home, not at the facility.

At Lakeview Health, we offer all levels of care. In fact, in an ideal treatment program, these levels happen one after the other. For example, it is often the case that a patient begins at the highest level of care — residential medical detoxification — and then continues in our residential treatment program until they can move into the PHP. Medical detox can be dangerous, and so must be overseen by a medical professional in a residential setting. And one of the benefits of residential treatment is that patients can detox and then continue their treatment without missing a beat. This continuity ensures the safety of the patient and also helps to avoid relapse.

In this sense, the answer to the question, “What does residential treatment look like?” is that it looks like the first step on the journey towards sobriety.

The Benefits of Residential Treatment

If you have been asking, “What does residential treatment look like?” you should also know that there are many benefits of such programs. Residential facilities are often the right choice for patients who have attempted to beat their addiction in outpatient programs or on their own and have failed. Among the many benefits of residential treatment are:
In a residential treatment program, you will almost always find more intensive therapy programs than other kinds of treatment.

Because in a residential program you are surrounded by others in similar circumstances, you have the opportunity to form stronger bonds with your fellow travelers on the road to recovery. This can be a considerable advantage in recovery; a strong support network makes relapse less likely.

In a residential treatment program, you are kept separate from the worries of everyday life. This seclusion allows you to escape the pressures and triggers that have fed your addiction and can focus on their recovery.

In a quality residential treatment program, you will experience a structured, disciplined approach to rehab and recovery, and a rehab aftercare plan provides support for after treatment.

Residential treatment is not for everyone. But if you have asked yourself, “What does residential treatment look like?” and want to learn more, it might be right for you.

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