Importance of Family in an Addiction Treatment Program
By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: February 24, 2020

In a recovery center, we talk a lot about the fact that when you enter rehabilitation, you are not alone. This does not just refer to the fact that in rehab, you receive support from addiction counselors and therapists. That is certainly the case in a quality addiction treatment program like the one at Lakeview Health. But when we say this, we also mean that a successful path to recovery will involve a strong support network. That network will include healthcare professionals, your friends, in some cases your co-workers, and, most importantly, your family. Family being one of the most crucial pieces in this puzzle – especially if they may be a trigger for you. A quality drug addiction treatment center will have a robust family program built into their treatment plan to help bridge the gap between patients and their families.

A quality family therapy program, like the one at Lakeview Health, will provide you the tools needed to help you battle your addiction and your family the tools they need to be able to support you the way you need. This will help you and your family strengthen and rebuild your relationship.

Help in a Family Program

Our family support program works hard to provide an avenue for families to rebuild themselves. With months and years of stress, guilt, fear and conflict buildup our family weekend program provides a structured and safe space for everyone to be able to address how they will move forward once their loved one comes home from treatment. Our certified recovery trainers along with our therapists and medical staff have years of experience working through addiction issues between families and we can help yours too.

What Does Help in a Family Program Look Like?

The crucial part of healing families is communication. Communication is at the forefront of our family weekends. Families are able to address head-on the issues they are facing and discuss it with one another. There are even times where we will suggest individual sessions with a certain member of the family.
Our family program targets the following goals:

  • Work on effective communication
  • Engage in problem-solving together
  • Discuss and work on any barriers to addiction recovery present in the family
  • Do an inventory of the family structure, and make adjustments as necessary
  • Discuss the rules and relationships as they currently exist in the family, and their relation to the patient’s substance abuse
  • Explore the strengths present in the family, and build on them

The goal of getting help in a family program is to heal, but also to support the people who need help. At Lakeview Health, we work with you to build a new family foundation — one that is meant to last.

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If you are in a family situation that has been torn apart by addiction, we know it can feel lonely. We are here for you so you don’t have to do this alone – take the first step by reaching out and completing our online form. It is time to take your life back. And we are ready to help you — and your family — make a new start.