The First Step to Attacking Addiction

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October 14, 2010

The First Step to Attacking Addiction


There is not just one reason why people will abuse drugs.  Some become addicted to drugs because of a mental illness while others abuse drugs to try and suppress a traumatic experience that happened in their past.  Still some are genetically predisposed to the disease of addiction.  In many cases an individual does not even realize that they are headed down the road to addiction and once they do it is too late.  Once an individual is addicted to drugs or alcohol fueling their alcohol or drug addiction will become their main priority while their family, friends, job and everything else will take a back seat.

Drug and alcohol abuse will eventually start to affect a person’s physical appearance and their mental health.  Some signs of substance abuse addiction are weight gain or loss, increased energy or a change in sleeping patterns and impaired speech.  Substance abuse addiction will also have great negative consequences on an individual’s family.  Family members of a struggling addict will have a tremendous amount of emotional stress and the needs of children are often ignored.

The first step to overcoming substance abuse addiction is admitting that a problem does exist.  Most who struggle with addiction are going to need the help of an addiction treatment center.  Through inpatient addiction treatment an individual will be provided with the support, help and guidance that are needed to overcome addiction. Addiction treatment gives clients a safe haven away from the temptation of drugs and alcohol and affords the opportunity to work with therapist in individual and group settings so they can learn how to live life and handle the tribulations that are faced on an every day basis without having to turn to drugs and alcohol.

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