Benefits of Going To Florida for Addiction Help
By: Lakeview Health
Published: February 4, 2020

During my active addiction, I lived all over the country – from New York to California and other states in between. Each time I moved, I always had the same intentions:

  • Promise myself that I would change my life around
  • Live a life free of drug and alcohol addiction.

Each town I hit would mean a new beginning. And I was so sure that this time it would work out. That this time I wouldn’t give in. That this time I had indeed left my addiction — and all of my other problems — in the previous town.

Surprising to no one reading this, the story was always the same. Each time I moved, I made a new set of promises to myself. And each time, I was able to make it a week. Maybe two. And then like clockwork, my alcohol and drug addiction would kick back in at full force, and I’d be gone again.

Another Town, Another Excuse

Each time I moved, I had the same set of justifications and excuses. My new boss was singling me out. I felt sick all the time. My friends wanted to party every weekend. And pretty soon, I was back in the thick of it, using again.

I was slowly able to figure out that it wasn’t the people I hung around with that were causing my addiction. It was me. I also learned that I wasn’t only trying to “cure” my addiction by changing my geography. I was running away from my problems. And those problems — and my unwillingness to face them — ultimately caused me to abuse drugs. I don’t believe that there is such a thing as a geographical cure unless that geographical change is to go to an addiction treatment center.

Finding Florida Drug Rehab: My Last Stop

The last time I moved was a little over four years ago. That was when I moved to Florida. And that’s where I got sober. It was in Florida that I finally gave up and decided to seek help in the form of addiction treatment at a Florida drug rehab.

Leaving my most recent “hometown” to go to addiction treatment was one of the best things that I ever did for myself. It allowed me to escape the drama and chaos that comes with drug addiction. At that Florida drug rehab, I was able to get a fresh start. And because I was finally sober, my choice of friends was different than it had been in the past. Addiction treatment allowed me to work with professional therapists and process the experiences that were ultimately fueling my addiction. My treatment experience in the Florida drug rehab at Lakeview went so well that I decided to move my life one last time. This time it was was different, though. This time I didn’t just want to get sober like I had wanted to in all of my previous moves. This time I did it.

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