Sober Super Bowl Party
By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: February 1, 2020

We tend to associate Super Bowl Sunday with good feelings. Friendly rivalries, great football, fun commercials, ad lots of snacks and drinks. But for many, Super Bowl Sunday can also include the temptation to drink, use drugs, or fall back into unhealthy habits. As a result, the game day can be an especially difficult time for people struggling with addiction. For this reason, it is essential to focus on making your party a sober Super Bowl party. Even if that means reaching out for extra support on game day for relapse prevention learned through an aftercare program.

At Lakeview Health, we understand the importance of making sure that recovery and Super Bowl Sunday. For you and everyone living a life free of alcohol and drugs, a sober Super Bowl party must be a priority.

Planning Your Sober Super Bowl Party

Over the years, we have collected useful information for people struggling with dependency issues. These are strategies that you can fall back on when the pressures of the game day are on. Among these are:

  • Have a “sober Super Bowl party” plan. With just a little bit of planning, you can put a strategy into place. The important thing is that your plan allows you to maintain your sobriety while you enjoy the big game. This might involve bookending your sober Super Bowl party with meetings or therapy sessions. It could also include keeping in touch with your sponsors and reaching out to your support network.
  • Design your sober Super Bowl party to avoid high-risk situations. You know your triggers better than anyone, and with some forethought, you can make sure to avoid them.
    Make sure your guests know that this will be a sober Super Bowl party for you. By letting them know, you can avoid awkward situations and let them choose whether to attend or not.
  • If you feel a relapse coming on, contact someone. Even when you have planned your gathering down to the last detail, you can make mistakes. And temptations can be abundant on Super Bowl Sunday.

It is easy not to take time for yourself when you are planning a social event. But contacting an addiction treatment center like Lakeview Health might be a great way to make sure you stay on track.

Staying Sober at Lakeview Health

Super Bowl Sunday can be a stressful day for people in recovery. But at Lakeview, we are committed to making sure you are supported all year long. When you are ready to commit — not only to a sober Super Bowl party but to a life of sobriety — we are here to help. We provide programs specific to whatever substance you are dependent upon. But we also offer gender-specific treatment programs, mental health treatment, and a range of therapeutic options. From medical detoxification to comprehensive residential treatment to our structured outpatient care program, Lakeview can meet your needs.

We aim to help each of our patients to start and continue down the road to recovery.

Contact Lakeview Health Today

If you or someone you care about is ready to move past your substance abuse, reach out to Lakeview. Contact Lakeview Health through our online form or call 866.704.7692 to construct your sober Super Bowl party today. It’s time to commit to your sobriety.