Healing Waters Counseling Podcast
By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: September 3, 2015

Gina sits down with Monty and Danita Adams to talk about their small, personalized outpatient treatment center in Waynesville, North Carolina.

Podcast Transcript

Gina Thorne: Good morning everyone, and welcome to the Lakeview Podcast Series. I am pleased to be joined today by Danita and Monty Adams with Healing Waters Counseling. Remind me where in North Carolina you’re located. Danita Adams: We are actually in Waynesville. Gina: Waynesville, North Carolina. So where is that? For the people who are listening, where would they think that might be? Is that close to Charlotte? Danita: Asheville. Gina: Asheville. Oh, Asheville is beautiful. Danita: Yeah. We’re about 30 minutes from Asheville. Gina: Oh, very nice. So you’re in the mountains? Danita: We are! Gina: Very nice, very nice. Well, let’s go ahead and get started. We’re interested in hearing more about your program and what you all do, but I’m curious to hear more first about your background in addiction, so could you tell us a little, Danita, about what got you into the field of addiction treatment? Danita: Family history. Gina: Ok. Danita: My father died from the effects of alcoholism, and I had a sister killed by her alcoholic husband, so it just seemed to fit when the opportunity came to get into this field. Gina: So I’m sure a lot of people listening can relate. I’ve interviewed lots of folks and they all have that similar theme; they either have somebody that they know or somebody that’s close to them in their family that’s been a victim of the disease, if you will. So can you tell us a little bit about Healing Waters Counseling and what distinguishes it from other programs? Danita: Well, we care. We’re small, we care about the person and try and get them the best help. Sometimes if they need more help than we can offer, we always want to refer them to get all of that help. You know, just trying to take it one person at a time; not looping everyone together because everyone is different. We’re a state certified DWI program, so we can help clear up any DWIs, things like that. It is outpatient only, so the most treatment we do is either the 40 or 60-hour program. We don’t do IOP, so we offer education in the 20 and 40-hour programs. Gina: Is there a lot of strong sober living in your area for folks, so if they wanted to stay in a safe environment and continue to work… Danita: There is some. Gina: That’s good. So your primary focus is addiction but do you also address issues like dual diagnosis, anxiety, depression? Danita: No. Gina: Ok. Danita: We are just substance abuse only. Gina: Ok. Well so if folks really needed access to services particularly for DWI and education you would be the best place to come to. Danita: Yes. Gina: That’s fantastic. Ok. And so obviously this is your first time at Lakeview and in Jacksonville, so welcome! We’re really glad to have you here. So, just curious what motivated both of you to make the decision to come down? Monty? Monty Adams: We were interested in seeing how a larger facility operated and how they deal with patients. Gina: Yeah. Do you do a lot of outreach to other residential facilities? Danita: Mmm hmm. Gina: Yeah, so it’s important for an outpatient provider to come here and see the place. Danita: It is. We’ll have a lot of people call in looking for services that may not need ours, but they’re wanting somewhere to go, so having that referral basis…the other question we always get asked is, “Have you been there? What’s it like? What are the people like? Where am I going?” So a lot of the time it’s scary for people, so if you build up that relationship with them, the trust you and we don’t want to send somebody where we don’t know where we’re sending them. Gina: That is so smart because that can compromise the entire relationship if you send somebody to the wrong place. Danita: It definitely could. Gina: And I’m sure you’ve noticed, both of you, that in this industry there’s so much out there in helping a family navigate the best place for their family member. It goes back to your point, that treatment needs to be individualized, and the same thing with residential treatment. Danita: It’s not a one size fits all. Gina: No. Absolutely. So if someone wanted to access services for Healing Waters Counseling, how can they get in touch with you? Monty: Our phone number is 828-400-6466 and we do have a small website HealingWatersCounseling.com. Gina: Oh fantastic. Well thank you both again for taking the time to come to Jacksonville and for visiting with us. For those of you that are interested in learning more about Lakeview Health, we invite you to visit us at LakeviewHealth.com or you can reach us at 866-460-8416.