How to Celebrate Recovery Month

By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: September 4, 2020

September is National Recovery Month. During this month, addiction awareness and understanding take center stage. For those struggling with mental health or substance use disorders, it is an ideal time to take a step forward to get help from our team at Lakeview Health. For those who have achieved sobriety, celebrating recovery month is a wonderful opportunity to bask in their achievements.

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How to Celebrate Recovery Month?

National Recovery Month is an important time not just to revel in what you have accomplished, but also to provide encouragement and support to those who may not be in your position just yet. There are a few things you can do to focus on your overall well-being while also helping to support those who need help the most. Among the many ways to do this are:

Take Note of What You Have Accomplished

When you celebrate National Recovery Month, you should feel a sense of pride. You have worked very hard to achieve this level of sobriety. Take a few minutes to reflect on all that you have overcome to get to this point.

  • Dependency
  • Withdrawal pain and cravings
  • Ongoing counseling and group therapy
  • Relationship concerns
  • Internal strife and frustration
  • Mental health issues

You can celebrate National Recovery Month by focusing on the good that this has brought to your life.  Your sobriety has allowed you to improve your physical health, gain more mental acuity, and created a sense of pride. You have more self-confidence and inner strength you never knew you had. It may not always feel like it yet, but you are no longer be dependent on other people for your self-worth. At Lakeview Health, we encourage our patients to write down everything that has changed as a way of celebrating these accomplishments.

Celebrate by Sharing Your Story

One of the most important steps when learning how to celebrate National Recovery Month comes from the decision to share what you have learned with others in need. When you write down your story or tell it to other people, you are creating an avenue to open the doors of communication. Whether you know it or not, there is a friend, family member, coworker, or stranger out there who needs to hear what you have been through. Hearing about what you have learned can give them the strength they need to overcome their mental health and addiction issues and create a healthy future for themselves.

Share your story in a blog post. Create a video to share on social media. Communicate with the counseling team at Lakeview Health to find out if you can share your story with those who need a mentor within the program. You may also be able to share your story with the public through outreach programs at schools or in non-profit organizations.

Create a Path for Helping Other People

One key thing to remember about National Recovery Month is that it is meant to stimulate healing not just in yourself but in others, too. That is why you must be ready to offer support to those who need it. You can start by turning to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) — the organization that sponsors National Recovery Month — to learn more about opportunities in your area. You can also turn to our team at Lakeview Health to provide a family member or friend with access to the help they need. We can provide them with a wide range of services, including:

Because you know the options available to those who need them, you can point someone in the right direction to get help. You have accomplished so much. Help others to do so, too.

Turn to Lakeview Health for Help When You Need It

As you learn how to celebrate National Recovery Month, remember that help is always available to you when you need it at Lakeview Health. Our team is ready to work with you whenever you need immediate assistance or prolonged care. Contact us by calling our compassionate counselors at 866 704 7692 or using our convenient online form.