Pure MDMA as a Therapeutic Tool

By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: April 18, 2012

Practices around the world are using pure MDMA as a tool in therapy to help overcome feelings of post-traumatic stress disorder. MDMA is the active ingredient in ecstasy, a drug that was popularized by the rave/club culture. Practicing therapists who use MDMA in their practice are upset that the abuse of this drug has led it to being illegal. These therapists choose to give their patients illegal substances as part of their therapy session.

A therapist in an undisclosed location gave a patient MDMA while performing therapy. The session was documented for television. The patient lay in bed in the middle of the therapist’s office and waited for the drug to take effect on her brain and body. The therapist began to talk to her and encouraged the patient to describe what she was feeling. After 4 hours the intense drug effects wore off. The patient spoke as if she were still intoxicated describing a feeling that was pure bliss and peace.

These practices are still ongoing and must be extremely expensive considering the illegal distribution of drugs. Oprah’s magazine also published an article called, “Can a single pill change your life?” This article also describes the use of MDMA as a therapeutic tool in addition to the patient’s perspective. MDMA creates false feelings to assist with resolving underlying issues, which is what addiction treatment teaches us not to do.