Will Bobby Brown Follow in Whitney Houston’s Footsteps?

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March 27, 2012

Addiction treatment for Bobby Brown would be a step in the right direction to help decrease the detrimental effects that the disease of addiction is having on him. Brown racked up his second DUI yesterday after being pulled over for cell phone use. Clearly, drugs and alcohol have an extremely negative impact on decision making skills.

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Addiction Treatment for Bobby Brown?

Bobby Brown began his career with New Edition and went on to be a solo artist with popular songs such as, It’s My Prerogative. This song seems to be the motto for Brown’s life and unfortunately this type of thinking kept friends and family from being able to help with him and his ex-wife, Whitney Houston. Brown was pulled over in 1996 for driving under the influence and his track record for drugs and alcohol infractions continued to worsen from there.
Brown, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, is vocal about his marijuana and alcohol use, both of which exacerbate symptoms of bipolar disorder. His growing cocaine dependency has demonstratively had an impact on him with his erratic behaviors and his physical presentation during interviews. Suffering from mental illness and addiction is overwhelming. Bipolar mood swings can produce different feelings, at different times, regarding substance abuse. Before Brown ends up like his ex-wife, he should consider dual diagnosis addiction treatment.

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