New Wireless Chip Implant to Dispense Medication to Patients

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March 15, 2012

Chip Implant to Dispense Prescription Medication

Microchips to Dispense Prescription Medication

The medical research world has been exploring chip implants that would dispense medication since the 1990’s. Many medical professionals have concerns about patients being compliant with taking their medications. The chip would regulate medication and ensure that it was being used properly. The chips are programmed to dispense medication either by programmed time or radio communication over a special frequency called Medical Implant Communication Service. (Science Daily)
Recent studies have been done by MicroCHIPS regarding an implanted chip that dispenses medication over a period of time. Each chip held 20 doses of medication, the size of a pinhead, covered with a thin layer of titanium and platinum that melts when a small electrical current is applied. (Science Daily) Scientists implanted microchips in seven women who were 65-70 years old that suffered from osteoporosis. The medication was dispensed as an equivalent to daily injections, with no adverse side effects reported.
Robert Fara, president and chief officer of MicroCHIPS, reports “Patients with chronic diseases, regular pain-management needs or other conditions that require frequent or daily injections could benefit from this technology.” In light of the pain clinic epidemic, this may be a good way of regulating prescription medication and prescription drug abuse in addition to drug monitoring databases.

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