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April 30, 2016

A safe drug rehab center environment is key to successful delivery of rehabilitative treatment for patients working to overcome addiction. If these vulnerable patients do not feel safe, they cannot be effectively treated.

Importance of a Safe Drug Rehab Center

safe drug rehab centerTo an outsider, the word “safe” may appear contradictory to behaviors associated with addiction. After all, these are people who were not so concerned about their well-being when using a drug or alcohol. But when patients entrust a safe drug rehab center with helping them to gain sobriety and keep it, that safety is of the utmost importance.
The pillars of a safe drug rehab center include:

  • Medically monitored detox
  • Harbor and removal from triggers and temptations
  • Privacy and dignity in therapy and meetings
  • Freedom from the influence of drugs or alcohol on their minds and bodies
  • Protection from temptations due to easy access of abused substances
  • Shelter from judgment of others during treatment
  • Stress reduction and focus on sobriety through absence from daily responsibilities of home, work and school
  • Support of others who understand addiction
  • Freedom from fear of other people or environmental dangers
  • Safety from the cycle of their own negative behaviors of self-harm and self-destruction

How a Safe Drug Rehab Center Keeps Patients Secure

To provide for a safe drug rehab center environment, patients must follow rules from the very first moments of entering the facility. There are strict rules, guidelines, expectations and schedules that must be followed.
Some measures taken by treatment facilities to ensure theirs is a safe environment include:

  • Contracts signed by patients clearly stating understanding of facility rules and expectations, along with consequences for non-adherence
  • Building security at all entrances and exits, through use of locking systems and security devices
  • Video cameras used for security of common areas
  • Physically imposing team members on staff to break up and prevent patient physical conflicts
  • Supervision of medication dosing with secure medication storage
  • Medical supervision of detox and health condition management
  • Facility-provided group transportation to off-site events
  • Restriction on outside communications between patients and others
  • Personal searches for visitors
  • Aftercare programs for continued support post-rehab
  • Other safety measures and accountability

Lakeview Health Provides Safe, Secure Rehab Treatment

Lakeview Health of Jacksonville, Florida is a peaceful and relaxing environment where real recovery from drug or alcohol addiction begins. In drug detox and throughout rehab, patients are kept safe through the provision of evidence-based therapies as part of a 12-step based program.
Call Lakeview Health now at 866-704-7692 to learn more about how you or your loved one will feel entirely safe and secure in treatment while working to gain long-term recovery.

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