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Gain a Foothold in Recovery Through a Percocet Withdrawal Detox Program

woman experiencing percocet withdrawal symptoms

Percocet is a prescription drug meant for short-term use and people who take it for longer than a few weeks run a high risk of becoming physically dependent on it. Individuals who use it longer than a few weeks and take larger doses are very likely to become addicted and dependent. Once addicted or dependent

How Pain Pill Addiction Can Sneak Up on Anyone

Pain medication abuse is one of the fastest growing health issues in America. In the blink of an eye, what starts out as a solution for a specific medical problem can turn into a pain pill addiction. No one is suggesting that pain medications have no value, but patients with prescriptions for these drugs should

What Does My Son Need Before Entering a Detox Clinic for Opiate Abuse?

Everything you do and every decision you make has a direct impact on your life and the lives of people around you. When you’re dealing with a family member who is suffering from an addiction, you need to be extra careful about your decisions. Because of the probable effects of substances on their life and

Get Your Son or Daughter the Proper Support for Ecstasy Withdrawal

According to one 2004 survey, more than 11 million people in America have used ecstasy, a drug that also goes by the name of MDMA or Molly. While some of these individuals may have only used ecstasy on occasion, others become addicted to the drug. If your son or daughter struggles with this addiction, then

Reach Out For Proper Support When Going Through PCP Withdrawal

Making the choice to stop using PCP is an excellent first step toward sobriety. However, it’s important that you don’t take that first step alone. Abruptly stopping any drug intake, no matter what drugs are involved, will cause withdrawal symptoms to emerge. Even if you’re confident that you won’t turn back to drug use during

What are Some Pillars of a Safe Drug Rehab Center?

A safe drug rehab center environment is key to successful delivery of rehabilitative treatment for patients working to overcome addiction. If these vulnerable patients do not feel safe, they cannot be effectively treated. Importance of a Safe Drug Rehab Center To an outsider, the word “safe” may appear contradictory to behaviors associated with addiction. After

The Prevalence of Alcohol Abuse in South Florida

As reported in a Miami-Dade County Youth Substance Abuse Survey in 2014 as well as other sources, 43 percent of high school students in South Florida admitted to lifetime alcohol abuse. Half of the students surveyed admitted to consuming alcohol within the last 30 days as well. The rise of alcohol abuse in South Florida

Self Detox from Alcohol is Dangerous and Potentially Fatal

While the desire to self detox from alcohol may be admirable, the reality is that doing so can be incredibly dangerous and even fatal. Choosing sobriety and the road of recovery is absolutely the first step, but a self detox from alcohol is not the answer. By attending a medically monitored detox at Lakeview Health,

Why You Should Never Self-Detox from Opiates

Detoxing from opiates is a challenging process, even when patients do so within a safe, accredited and medically monitored detox program. Unfortunately, some suffering from addiction believe that they can self-detox from opiates, without understanding the dangers of detox. Severe Dehydration is Common Detoxing from opiates, and heroin in particular, can cause severe dehydration. This is