How To Train Your Erector Spinae Muscles

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December 26, 2016

Often times in training, the smallest muscles are the most important and the most forgotten. In the case of the back, the erector spinae are prime examples. The erector spinae are a group of muscles consisting of the spinalis, longissimus and iliocastilis. These muscles run vertically along each of the transverse and spinous processes of the vertebrae. Simply put, these muscles connect each vertebrae of the spine to each other. The erector spinae allow the spinal joints the ability to extend, laterally flex and rotate. The importance of this group is often overlooked because they are not seen as a major muscle group. However, this group of muscles is the first line of protection for a stable spine. Exercises that focus on core stability and controlled contraction are foundations for strong erector spinae. When training the movements provided, be sure to maintain core integrity and a controlled movement pattern. Quick, jerky movements will leave you more prone to injury, not higher performance. Follow up with the video below for demonstrations and explanations for training these muscles.

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