How Therapeutic Recreation Helps With Addiction Recovery

individuals learning how therapeutic recreation helps with addiction recovery

How Therapeutic Recreation Helps With Addiction Recovery

When you think of therapy in rehab, you may picture a bunch of people sitting in a circle. They’re talking about how addiction affected their lives and what they need to do to make amends. While this is a big part of the rehab process, it is not the only part. At Lakeview Health, for instance, we offer therapeutic recreation. Give us a call today, and we’ll explain how therapeutic recreation helps with addiction recovery.

What is Therapeutic Recreation?

Recreation therapy is a methodology that lets you work through your issues surrounding addiction. Moreover, it enables you to manage those problems. Some of the recreation therapies may include:

We can use each of these therapies in conjunction with evidence-based treatments to help you overcome your addiction.

How Therapeutic Recreation Helps With Addiction Recovery

You may still be wondering how therapeutic recreation helps with addiction recovery. Addiction recovery is a complicated process, and it needs a variety of treatment modalities to be successful. Therapeutic recreation offers several benefits:

  • Improved social skills: Many times, addiction leads to failures to communicate and poor social skills. However, with therapeutic recreation, you rebuild those skills and learn how to interact with the people around you effectively. Additionally, you may make friends in these therapies that could last for a lifetime.
  • Improved coping skills: Some therapies, such as yoga therapy and meditation, will teach you how to handle your anxiety or stress without turning to drugs.
  • Higher self-esteem: When you see that you can do many things that you didn’t think you could, your self-image improves. Through experiential therapy, you’ll try a variety of activities, and see that you are capable of more than you think.
  • Better relaxation skills: When addiction rules your life, you may think that the only way to relax is to use drugs or alcohol. However, through fitness, yoga, and meditation therapy, you’ll learn how to relax without substances. Moreover, you’ll learn how to plan for relaxation efficaciously.
  • Improved problem-solving skills: Some therapeutic modalities may require some element of problem-solving. When you meet and overcome those challenges, your ability to think through and solve problems will get better. You’ll learn that drugs and alcohol are not the only answers to life’s curveballs.

There are a variety of other benefits to recreation therapy. To learn more, call Lakeview and ask us how therapeutic recreation helps with addiction recovery.

Choose Treatment at Lakeview Health Today

There’s more to learn about how therapeutic recreation helps with addiction recovery. Would you like to discover what you’re capable of when you’re free from addiction? If so, call Lakeview Health today. We offer treatment for several dependencies, such as:

  • Benzo addiction
  • Heroin addiction
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Prescription pill addiction
  • Opiate and opioid addiction

Therapeutic recreation is only one part of who we are. We offer a variety of evidence-based and holistic therapies. To learn more about our substance abuse treatment programs, contact Lakeview Health by calling 866.704.7692 today. Life can begin again when you start addiction treatment at Lakeview.