Addiction Treatment Is Just the Beginning of the Journey

By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: February 13, 2020

One of the most common myths about recovery is that once the body is free of drugs, a person is “cured.” But an individual’s journey to recovery is not complete after his or her stay at a residential treatment program. On the contrary, addiction treatment is just the beginning.

Ridding the body of the substances on which it is dependent is essential. Indeed, it is hard to think of a more crucial first step. But the challenges of addiction are more than physical. The road to recovery is, in large part, a psychological one. There are also logistical issues. Many in recovery report, for instance, that the most difficult challenge is making the transition into the “real” world. Finding coping mechanisms and establishing new, healthy routines is a challenge. And this what we are referring to when we say that addiction treatment is just the beginning.

Living Substance Free

After addiction treatment, there are several changes you can make to ensure that you stay on the right path. Among these are:

  • Join a support group
  • Continue your treatment by seeing a therapist and participating in a group therapy program
  • Participate in healthy hobbies and pastimes
  • Focus on your physical health: get in shape and pay more attention to your diet
  • Find a treatment center that offers quality outpatient care, and that will help you build a strong support network

None of these things are easy to do. But with the right standard of care, you can manage your addiction. And you can achieve your reintegration into an active and healthy social, family, and work life. By adopting some of these behaviors, you can make sure that addiction treatment is just the beginning of your journey.

The Importance of Aftercare

A person’s chances of staying sober after drug rehab are significantly increased if they participate in an aftercare program. Addiction aftercare plans are designed to help an individual stay sober and make the transition from addiction treatment to the “real” world easier. There are various forms of aftercare programs, so it is important to find the best and most effective one.

At a quality addiction treatment program like Lakeview Health, a patient will work closely with his or her therapist to put together an aftercare plan that best suits their needs. We understand that everyone who struggles with an addiction to drugs or alcohol has unique circumstances. No matter what type of addiction aftercare plan you choose, remember that it will only work if you are dedicated to your sobriety. Relapse commonly occurs shortly after drug rehab is complete. But the best way to increase the chances of achieving long term sobriety is by participating in aftercare programs like the one at Lakeview.

It is common while in addiction treatment to think that it is going to be easy to stay sober. Don’t be fooled — addiction treatment is just the beginning.

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