Addictive Personality Traits
By: Lakeview Health
Published: December 25, 2019

Addiction is a health problem that can affect many people at any time. However, there are a few ways to predict those who may be more prone to addiction. For example, addictive personality traits are a useful diagnostic tool. At Lakeview Health, we identify these traits during addiction therapy programs to help people better understand why they use substances. You can use them to gauge whether you’re at high risk for this danger.

Addictive Personality Traits are Real

Although many addiction experts no longer believe in the addictive personality, they do think that addictive personality traits are real. That’s because the idea of just one type of character being prone to addiction seemed too broad. It also created a lot of stereotyping that made treatment more difficult and caused personal difficulties with many those getting treatment.

Instead, addictive personality traits were identified that could help make it easier to fully grasp those who are at a higher risk of addiction. Please note: anybody may experience physical or emotional dependence on drugs, but these traits indicate higher risk and include:

  • Relation to somebody with an addiction
  • Emotional problems
  • Risk-taking tendencies
  • Disconnected or cautious personality
  • Obsessive-compulsion tendencies
  • Troubles with self-control

As you can see, some of these traits conflict with each other – a person is not likely to be both risk-taking and overly cautious. This diversity explains why a singular addictive personality was a problematic concept. Instead, these traits can help you better understand your behaviors and why you may be more prone to addiction. Now, you must thoroughly examine each to see if you need drug rehab help.

Traits to Watch

Genetic Predisposition

Though this is not quite a “personality” trait, genetics do affect your addiction risk. Unfortunately, people with a family history of addiction may be at a higher risk. That’s because there may be something in their makeup that an addiction is easier to develop. As a result, you need to keep track of your family’s past with addiction and stay away from drugs for life.

Mental Health Problems

People with a higher risk of emotional problems often experience addiction. For example, issues like depression, bipolar disorders, anxiety, and PTSD can increase your risk. Those with antisocial personality disorder, schizophrenia, and other conditions may also suffer. Therefore, you need to get dual diagnosis treatment for any related conditions through a mental health treatment program.

An Adventurous Personality

As you might expect, people who like taking risks are more likely to become addicted. That’s because they are more likely to abuse drugs in the first place. And their brains also have a higher dopamine level, which means they have a lower sensitivity to its effects. As a result, their bodies may end up craving drugs more heavily than those of less adventurous people.

A Cautious Personality

When it comes to addictive personality traits, this may be the least expected. Many people may not understand how a more cautious person struggles with addiction. These individuals may turn to drugs due to social pressure or anxiety and depression caused by a lack of social contact. Most who fall under this type of addictive personality are usually women, for some reason.

An Obsessive-Compulsion Trait

Obsessive-compulsive people often have a hard time controlling their behaviors. As a result, somebody who tries a substance once may end up abusing it merely by falling into an obsessive pattern of abuse. Unfortunately, it can be tough to shake this type of addiction, but it is possible with professional help.

Issues With Self-Regulation

If you have a hard time managing your behaviors, you may also be at a higher risk of addiction. This trait isn’t necessarily being risky or compulsive. It merely means that you don’t know how to stop once you get going. Sadly, this may trigger many people to fall into addictive patterns.

Let Us Help You Recover

If you have addictive personality traits, please contact us today. Our professionals can help you better understand why you abuse drugs. Then, we can give you the help necessary to recover. For example, we have a medical model that integrates whole-health treatment options. We focus heavily on trauma care, 12-step treatments, and individualized options. Contact Lakeview Health to get started on your recovery journey.